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Conscience And Future Judgment

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I'sat alone with my ron-ciemr, In a place where time bad ceased, And we talked of niy farmer living In the land wherc the years inercascd. And I feit I should have to answer The questions it put to me, And to face the answer and question Throughout an eternity. Tho gnoste of foxgotfen acMofifl Came floating bef ore niy raght; And thiBgfl that I thought were deadtliings, Wure ulive with a terrible might, And tho visión of all my pastlifo; Was an awful thing to face, Alone with my conecience sitting' In that solcmnly-silent place. AndUrthonght of my former tremblingp, Of the jndgment day to bo, Bat sitting alone with my consoienco Soemcd jndginent euoughfor me. And I wonder ed if tbere wae a futuro To this land beyond the gravo ; But no one gave me an answer, And no one came to save. Then I feit that the future was present, And the present would never go by, For it was bnt the thought of ray past life (Srown into eternity. ■ Then I woke froni my timtly dreaming, And the visión xit'd away, And I knew the far-away warning Was a warning of yesterday. And I pray that I may not forget it. Tn this land before the grave, That I may not cry in the future, And no one come to save. So I sit alone with my conscienco, In the place where the years inercase, And I try to remember the future In the land where time will cease. And I know of the future judgment, How dreadful se e'er it be, That to sit alone with my coDecience Will be judgment enough for me.


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