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Would Pay His Share At Once

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Yesterday a lady entered a grocery store 011 Broad strect, where slie found tlie proprietor fanning himsolf with his hat, and looking sornewhat overeĆ³me with the heat. "Why, Mr. - - , yon look worried," says the lady, elevating her eyeglasses so as to take a closer look. "Worried, tho devil, these infornal careloss clerks of mine aro ealculated to worry anyraan." " Why, what's the matter ?" asked the lady, "any of your clerks absconded, or have they mado a raistake and given sixteen ounces for a pound?" " No, neither, madam, but worse than that. Wliile putting a barrel of molasses in the cellar, through their carelessness they let it drop, and out carne the head, and lost all of the molaases. But," he added, " some pernon will have to pay for it." Lator in the afternoon a 6-yoar-old son of the lady came into the store, and said : " Pap wants to know what his share of that barrel of molasses is.1.' " Your father don't owe me anything for molasses," answered the merchant. " Well, dad said that your book custoniors would have to pay for that barrel that busted, and he wants to know what his sharc is, and he will send it over. - EVsabdh (N. J.) Journal


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