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The Judge of the Leeds County Court hasgiven $25 and costa in an action brought by a farmer for damages to orops by smoke and sulphur created by fireclay manufacturers. - London News. Sam briueimpregnated with the blood etc, of herrings, is a good manure. Mixed with flve times its measurs of water, it may be applied between the rows of any of the cabbage tribe, and to rfcubarb, beet-root, and to artichokes. Dormant buds, thafc start and rob the trees in June, should be rabbed out, and thus save mach expense i pruning. If every tree in a young orchard is looked over onoe in a year with careful pruning, looking to the future and seeing in the infant trees the sturdy trunksandweïï-developed branche of tho full-grown tree, tlien will the sound of the saw cease to be heard in our orchards. - Mainc Farmer. An exchange newspaper replies to a correspondent who has inquired what is a good pasturing for sheep, as follows : "Rye sownon cornstubblein the spring will make. a tolerable pastxire for sheep, and light land managed in this way will be better fitted for a erop of wh'eat than to put on oats or any otlier erop, and allow the same to ripen. The sheep will always keep the land clear, and, the ryc being consumed on the land as a matter of course, the soil will be proportionately enriched." Don't allow your carriage to rattle like a threshing machine. ' Washers of sole leather on the spindles of axletrees will stop the clatter caused by two much play ; apicce of rubber put in between the trill iron and clip will silence inatters ; and a little coal oil on the circle or tifth wheel will stop its squeaking. Where nuts work loóse, cut a thread in front of them with a cold chisel af ter screwing them up tiglit. A gentleman who has just rcturned from a trip through the noi-thern portion of Kennebec county, Maine, sayfi he was greatly astonished at the extent of the caterpillar war on the fruit trees. Acres and acres of orchards standing within sight of the roadside stripped of leaves, blossoms, and every green thing, and look as bare and desolate as in .December. The caterpillars hang in fostoons, clusters and ropes of worms from all the trees, presenting a most disgusting sight. - iSpringjield Mepublican. A Boston ñrm have packed pork ïor the last thirty yeais. In times past they have received hogs fed on the sweepings of fïour milis, but the meat was so bleached and the fat so readily crackecl up into distinct inasses, that tho pork was unraerchantable ; and if all the hogs they prepare were fed on flour their business would be destroyed. Tlioy state furtlier thatj thebristles (hair) of the fed hogK were very white and thin, ao as to be worthless for the brushmakers. It is safe to infer that the chances for healthy hair are better with food tliat contains the full amount of mineral matter than with flour. - JV. JE. Farmer. When a barn ia infeste 1 with fleas there ia probably some cause for it that inigrht be removed. Poultry will sometimes stock a barn with such vermin when they are permitted to roost in it. Tf hogs are kept irnder it, or manure isallowed to accumulate about it, vermin will gather and soon stock it. If any such cause as this exist3,it should be removed. Then,when the barn is empty in the summer, it should be well cleaned out, a quantity of hot, clear coals should bo placed upon a heap of earth on the floor, and the doors being closed, a pound of snlphur should be burned upon the coals. After a thorough fumigation, the barn should be whitewashed inside.


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