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Ikdian Exjsk.- Two light cups of Indian ineal, one cup of white flour, oue teaspoonful of saleratus,enough sour or buttermilk to dissolve, one cup sweet ; stir in three-quarters of a cup of molasses. To CIABAN ivory, take a piece of comnion white chalk, scrape it to a powder, add as ïnuoh water as will produce a paste, and apply this paste to the surface of the ivory. If the stains are very bad, two or three, or even more, applications may be necessary. Baked Sponoe Pudding.- Three eggs beaten very ligiit. Their woight in butter, in sugar, and in flour. This quantity makes f our large cups. Pül the cups half fuli, bake in a moderate oven ten minutes, being very careful not to scorch. To be eaten with cream sauce, hard sauce, or wine sauce. Fish Fiutters. - Take salt codfish, soak ovor night. In the morning throw the water off the flsh, put on fresh and set it on the range until it comes toa boil. Do not let it boil, as that will harden it. Then piek it up very fine, season with pepper, mace, and perhaps a little salt. Make a batter of a pint of milk and throe eggs, stir in the fish, and fry in small cakes. Auj kind of codnsh makes nice fritters. Keeping Insects from Bacon.- Take cane molasses and apply to the flesh parts carefully, as niuch as will adhere, then sprinkle on as ïnuch ground black pauper as will adliere, and hiing up in a soíoke house or any place you wish to keep it. In order that this may be effectuai it must be applied immediately after smoking, fcr if the egg of the fiy, from which the worm is hatcned, is deposited on the meat bcfore the application is made, it will not be effective. A t.ady writing in an Bnglish agricultural paper recommends all young housekeopers to cultívate an acquaintanco with culinary art, and there is no better wayof acqniriHgand retaining this knowledge than by making a private recipe book in which to jot dora all tried and approved recipes. Slie began this when about 12 year'i of age, at the suggestion of au oxperieneed matron, horself a model of order in everything relating to houfiekeeping, and subsoquent observation and experience have taught her to look back on that friendly counsel with respect and gratitude.


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