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The followiug ringing letters were road at the Domooratio ratification meeting held in Detroit on the evening of the KJth : FROM O. V. N. LOTHROP. Farmington, Conn., July 11, 1876. Don M. Dickinson, Esq., Chairman, etc. My Dear SlR - I see by the Pree Prea that I am announced as oue of the speakers at the ratification meeting on Thursday evening next. You are entirely right in assuraing that I should most cordially act with you on that occasion were I at home, as unfortunately I cannot be. The notuination is one that I ratify from the crown of my head to the soles of my feet. It fairly representa the Democratie party in its best days in the past and its bost aasurances for the future. It seems to me also thut it is a nomination that the country must ratify. For clearly the country is thoroughly siok of " Grantisui," with all that that name implies. The country plainly demands retrenchmünt and re form - a return to economy, purity and fidelity in the public service. These the country must see it cannot obtain through the Eepublican party. The respectable mediocrity offered by ita candidatos does not and cannot mean any ohange of policy. Behind these names the great controlling spirits of extravagance, corruptoin and misrule still dominate and will domínate. It is now evident tKat Bristow, who really airued at leform, wag driven from the Cabiuet. His resignation was oiüy a diplomatic form. ft ia aignificant that the laat public uttoranco in the Senate of his successor was a atrenuous defense of the policy of extravagance. Chandler is alao plaoed at the hoad of the National Republioan Committee, and the policy of the Bepublican campaign is thus wholly relegated to his hands. What this ineaus the country need not be told. He is the " Sitting Buil " of the Republioans, and proposea to keep to tne old war-path. With all this so plainly manifest, am I wrong in aaying that the country must and will ratify this nomination as heartily aa we do? I already breathe more ireely in the prospect. Shall not Michigan have soine share in this new reform ation ? GEO. V. N. LOTHEOP. FROM EX-OOV. FELCH. Ann Arbor, July 12. De ar Sir - 1 should be most happy to be with you at the ratifioation meeting to-morrow evening, but am by necessity oompelled to forego the pleasure. The nominations made by the recent Democratie Convention at St. Louis ure, in niy jndgement, most felicitous. The nation ones out for reform. The prosperity of the Republio demanda it. The national lit'e depends upon it. No higher trust was ever oommitted to mortal man than that of administering the goverament of this great nation, and the exigenoies of the times demand that it should be oommitted to none but the most worthy of our citizens. We need and must have for the highest officials of the nation pure men, who can be influenced by no selfish interest - able mun, who can grapple with the great questions of the day and succesafully manage the couiplicatod affuirs of a great Bepublic ; unselfish men, whom none would dare corruptly to approttch, and whose hands would touch neither gift nor bribe; firm men, who can both withstand and turn back the strong tide ot corruption and resist the hungry herd of corrupt office-seekers and officeholders ; strong men, who can do successful battle with the plunderers of the publio treasury ; disintorested men, who can recognize merit outside of the circle of their kindred and boon companions ; statesmtm rather than partisans - lovers of their nation and ot' its popular forra oí' government ; true pat rio tu, with both the will and the power to restore the government to the confidence of our public at home, and to advance and maintain abroad the position ot the Kepublic, as one of the great powers in the family of nations. If, as I verily believe, we have men of this character in tho nominoes of the St. Louis Uonvention, the doings of that Convention will deserve an enthusiastic ratification. And I cannot but feel confident that in November another and a louder voice of ratification will be heard coming up from the whole land, and calling these nominees, Samuel J. Tilden and Thomas A. Hundricks to the highest official positions known to the Constitution. ALPHEUS FELCH. Don M. Diokinson, 4., Chairman State Committee, etc.


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