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The oiie hundred and eixty pages of Harper's are filled with thinga good and things seaaonable, - trom the opening illustrated page on Wellealey College to the last anecdote in the " Editor's Drawer." The story of "The Battle of Long Islam! " is we)l told and the nine illustrations are fine. H. Hudson Holly íias a fourth ïlluetrated paper on " Modern Dwellings," - their Construction, Decoration, aud Furuiture. Another paper beautifully and piofusely illustrated is "Saratoga Springs." Further installments are given of George Eliot's new novel of " Daniel Deronda ;" of Julián Hawthorne's " Garth ; '" of "The Laurel Buah," by the author of " John Halifax, Gentleman ; " and of a Woman Hater. There is a portrait and a poem on the author of " Hab and his Friends" - John Brown ; a sketch, with portrait, of the late Rear-Admiral Shu)ick,several completed storiea, and readable Editorial tables. Haepkk & Bbothers, New York. Scribner's Monthly opens with Hide-andSeek Town, by H.H. (Helen Hunt), a delightful sketch, beautifully illustrated, of a New Sngland aumnier resort. Next, is Niágara, by George W. Holley, and one can almoit see the falla and feel the dampnesa of a passage beneath them aa he looka at the superbly Irawn, engraved, and printed illustrations. Other illustrated papers are : A Bird Medley, sy John Burroughs ; The Bride of tlie Rhine (two hundred miles in a Mosel row boat), by Jeorge Wariug, Jr. ; and On the Iron Trail, ;aking the reader on a delightful trip into the Colorado Rockiea. Gabriel Couroy, Bret Eiarte'a powerful story, is concluded ; and Philp Nolan's Friends continued ; and That Lass o' Lowrie's, by Fannie Hodgson Burnett, commenced. There are lesser storiea, hght, fresh, and crisp, and poema by Bryant, Stoddard, Alice Williams, Sidney Lanier, Celia Thaxter, and T. B. Aldnch ; while the departmeuts are pecially readable. The publishers are justiied in calling it a " Mid-Summer Holiday Síumber," a " thing of beauty" or almost anything efse they p'ease. ScRIBNER & Co., New York. Wycli Hazel : By Susan and Anna Warner, authors of " Queechy," " Wide, Wide World," " Dollars aud Cents, etc. New York ; G. P. Putnam's Sons. A very pleasant book ; not at all sensational, but pure in tone and style. We will not spoil the interest of the reader in sketching the somewhat unique plot, the uuraveling of whose very innocent mysteries will form excellent amusement in this heated term. The chief characters are companionable people, and the mischief-makers of such sort as may be met in other places than books. Wych Hazel heraelf is charming, has just enough of her name in her composition to add spice, and far too little to be bittor. She certainly inonopolizes moat of the gentlemen, good, bad, and indifferent ; but, considering that she is a beauty and au heireas, that is perhaps not to be wondered at. Rollo is a variety of the masterful man ; decidedly preferable to the Rochester and St. Elmo species, however, - and on the whole fairly agreeable, albeit somewhat of an encyclopedia, and inclined to the vice ot iufallibility. Primrose Maryland is as sweet aa her name, and her father one of those rare, fine spirits who make Ufe a thing worth living. These two, with young Dr. Maryland, would form almost too perfect a family for belief, were not Mrs. Coles thrown in as the necessary ahade in the picture. To sum up, the story is entertaining, the view of life's wo k and duty wholesome, and the hints as to manners and moráis worthy of attention irom many a young girl, and some older ones. For sale by iSheehan & Co.


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