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Aii oía larmer, one mom, hurried ont to his barn Where the cattle were standing, and Baid Whlle thi.y trombled with frigfit- " Now which of yon, last night, Shut tbo barn door, whlle I was iu bed ?'' Eacü oue of them all shook bis bettd. Now the little Spot, sho ivas down in the lot, And the way toe rest did was a ehame ; Fur not onr, night before, aaw her close np the door, gut tht-y Buid that Bbe dld al] the same; For tjiey a'ways inada her bcar the blauie. Saúl the horsc, Dapple Gray, "I was not lip this way Last night, as I now reoollect;" And the bnll, passing by, toseed his hornu very high, And said, " Whore'n the ono to object If I say, :tis that cal, I suspect?" "It is too wicked now," said the old brindle cow, " To accuse hunest folks of such tricks ;" Said the cock in the tree, "I am sure 'twasn't me ;" AJlthesheep just said " bah!"- there woro six- And they thought now that cal's in a flx ! " Of conrse wo all knew 'twas the wrong thing to o," Cried the cUickons ; "Of course" mewed th cat; " I siippose," said themule, "folks think me a fooi, Bnt I'm not quite so simple as that ;- Wel, that cal never knows what she's at!" Just then the poor calf, who was always the laufih And the jest of the ya:d, carne in - "Did yon shut my barn door?" said the farmer once more : And she answercd, " I dia, sir, last night, For I thought that to close it was right." Now each beast Bhook his head; "She'U caten it," they said, " Serve her rieht for her meddleeome way.'' Oried the farmer, " Como here, little bossic, my dear, Yon have dene what I cannot repay, And your fortune is made froni tliis day, " Very strangely, last night I forgot the door quite, And if yon had not closed it, so neat, All the colts had slipped in, and gone straight to the biH, And got what they ought not to eat ;- They'd have foundered themselvos upon wheat." Then each beast of them all began loudly to bawl, The mule tried to smile, the cock crew, " Little Spotty, my dear, you're the favorite here." They all cried, " We're so glad it waB you ! " But that calf only answered them, " boo ! " - Phcebc Can.


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