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Aniong tne papers in the Atlantic Monttuy are : The Arthunad, by Harriet W. Preston; Jerusalem, by Charles Dudley Warner, the c writer not seemiug much inclined to contribt ute lor the gathering in of such Jews as he : aw at Jerusalem ; The División of the School Funds for Beligioua Purposes, by William T. ' Harris ; Ghattanooga, by O. O. Howard, charastenstically " thin " ; Dickens and the Piekt wiek Papers, first of a series, by Edward P. „ Whipple ; From the Purple Island, by Lucy t Ellen Gruernsey ; and Characteristics oï the 1 International Fair, II. There are two more ' chapters (VI. and VII.) of The American, by Henry James, jr., and installment XIII. of ' Fannie Kemble's Old Woman's Qossip, a readable series and tull of personal informa, tion concerning uoted men and women. The ( sereral brief poems are not especially notieet able, and the notes on Literatura, Art, Music, I and Education are usually good. H. O. l Houohton & Compant, Boston. The Eclectic is embelhshed with a fine steel portrait of A. R. Spofford, Librarían of Congress, accompanied by a brief biographical sketch. The leading papers are : The (Joureen of Religious Thought, by the Right Hon. W. E. Gladstone ; Walter von der Vogelweide, from Cornhill ; Leigh Hunt and Lord Brougham, with original letters, by S. R. Townsend Mayer; Russian Village Communities, by D. ilackeuzie Wallace The Kifir at Home, by Lady Barker ; Sketch ot a Journey across Afnea, 1., by Lieut. Cameron ; and James Northcote, R. A., Fortntghtly Review. We also have chaps. XXX VI.-XXX VIII. of Her Dearest Foe, by Mr. Alexander ; lesser articles, poetry, Literature, Science, and Art notes, making a good number. E. R. Pklton, 25 Bond Street, N. Y. The Catholic World has : The Next Phase of Catholicity in the United States, The Life and Work of Madame Barat, Siz Sunny Months, The Irish Home Rule Movoment, The Valley ol the Ande, Letten of a Young Irishwoman to her Sister, Was Hiles Standiah a Catholic 't Vittoria Collonna, Allies' Formation of Christendom, Sir ThomaB More, Some Odd Ideas, and New Publications. Catholio Publication Houbb, New York. St. Nicholas (like Scribner, issued by the same publishers) is rightly named " The Midsummer Holiday Number." It would take a column to point out its beautiful and attractive features, so sufñce it to say that artista, gravers, e'Jitors, contributors, and printers, have vied with each other to mako it the finest issue of a Children's Magazine Ter published any where, and thy have succeeded admirably. Scbibnee & Co., New York. Godey' Lady's Book has its utual quantity and variety of íashion and working platea, a readable table of contents, and a timely stock of recipes. L. A. liomi, The Kepublican plan of the campaign is i very singular ene. On the on hand, the machinery is entirely in the hands of thoae who hare cordially sustained Qrant. There is not a single man whose course has rendered him obnozious to the people, who is not heartily in favor of Hayes. On the other hand, Qrant ia made the soape-goat for their sins, and is treated with singular conturaely and contempt. Is Orant any worse than the men who have sustained and Bupported hiin, and who have now nouainated Hayes? - Albany Aryu. ____ Hoüsekkkpskb, when you buy D. B. DLand & Co.' Belt Chemical Naleratiu you will tiud every package weighs a pound. Can you say tha same about other Salaratus ?


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