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The Kentucky Election

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.LiOUISVILLE, Aug 9.- Later returns froin the election incroase tho Democratie majority, and show largo Democratie gains in many counties over tho voto of last election, The Democratie inajority will reach 85,000. Tho Washington Capital says : " We believeit was Sidney Smith who says hat toleration never had a preaent ;euse nor taxation a future oue. We )elieve that this happy exprossion furnishes to tho Detnocrats the Jcey-note of their cumpaign. Toleration ! Are he North and South nover to dweil to;ether in haruiony ? Is every popular lection to bo signalized by a revival f the war cry and tno war-ombitterud 'eelingsr% When peaco is proclaimed brevor is it to be brokea every four 'ears tor tho sako of mero party victoy?" The Albany Argun has tho following : l mortgage for $32,000,000, to bear ïx per cent. interest, given by tho Cenral and Hudson River railroad compay, to Cornelius Vauderbüt, and Wm. í. Vanderbüt has just been recorded n the county clerk's office, in this city.


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