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Democratic County Convention

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A Doinocratic County Convention was held n ttiis city on Saturday laat, at 11 o'elock A. M., pursuant to cali of Committee. The conveution was called to order by Chas. H. Richmond, EsOj., Chairmau of the County Comunttee, and a temporary orgauization effected by the election of Hou. Chas. S. Gregory, of Scio, Chairman, and W. (J. Doty, of Manchester, ÍSecretary. The followiug coinmittees were then, on motion, appoiuted : On Credenttals - J. L Burleigh, Ann Arbor; W. H. Hawkius, Ypsilanti; J. J. Kobison, Sharon. O Permanent Organization-Vira. D. Harïiman, Aun Albor ; John Gilbert, ï'psilanti ; Muitson Gooüyear, Manchester. On New Apportionment of Delégales- E. B. Poud, Aun Arbor ; A. McMillan, Ocio ; Jumes II. Forsyth, Ypsilanti ; (ieorge Suttou, Northfield ; Wm. Beuerle, Freedom. The conveutiou theu adjourned to 1:30 o'clock p. M. AFTEBNOON 8ESSION. The Committee on Credentials reported list of delegates entitled to seats, which was accepted and adoptad, as foliowa : Ann Arbor City- lst ward, E. B. Pond, Jas. H. Morris, CJ. H. üichmoud ; 2d ward, John L. Burieigh, A. D. Besluier, W. H. Lewis ; 3d wurd, Henry Paul, A. S. Polheinus, M. Fleiniug ; 4th ward, H. W. Bogers, Z. Truesdel, W. Tremain ; öth ward, Chas. H. Maiily, Henry ürtman ; 6th ward, W. D. Harriman, Smith Wilbur. Ann Arbor Town- John M. Chase, H. M. Mowry. Augusta- Aaron Childs, Thalea Buok, ffm, H. Loudeu. Bridgewater - Jacob Blum, James M. Kress, Chas, toucher, Wm. Haiike. Dexter - P. Fleming, Wm. H. Aruold, Lucius Waruer. Freedom-B. Koebbe, Fred Vogel, William Beuerle, Jacob Brown. Lima - Leonard (x. Kodiuan, John S. Coy, Sanison Parker. Lodi- James Sage, Philip Blum, F. Drake, W alter Coe. Manchester - Horatio Burch, Munson Goodyuar, N. S. Case, Wm. ö. Doty, A. E. Hewitt, Isaac Wyburn. Northfield-G. F. Kapp, Edward Claiicy, E. HowarU, Ueo. Suttóu. Pittsfield - J. S. Henderson, David Depew, ü-rove tíauuders. Saline- A. K. Clark, Geo. W. Hall, J. M. Touug, F. E. Joues, E. w; Wailace, D. ü. Church. Seto- Peter Tuite, Chas. S. Gregory, S. H. Holmes, H. E. Peters, J. J. Jedele, A. MeMillau. Sharon-D. tí. Rose, J. J. Kobison, G. Edwiu otates. Superior- E. M. Colé, Gilbert Birdsell, A. J. Murray, Wm. Geer. Webster - Henry Warren. York- David A. Woodard, Jas. Doy le, Jesse Warner, J. A. Jacksou, Albert Warner. Ypsilanti Town- Henry Stumpenhusen, Edward, Uhas. Alban, Lewis Sherwood. Ypsilanti City- Ist ward, Prince Bennett, ArcíiibaldMciN'iuol ; 2d ward, W. H. Hawkins, C. M. Woodruff ; 3d ward, N. K. Towner, H. D. Martiu, Chaunoey Joahn; 4th ward, W. McKoberts, F. J. Swuyne ; óth ward, John Gilbert, John Tiemea, Jas. M. Forsyth, Raphael Kopp. The Committeo on Permanent Organization reported the following officera : President- Kou. Charles S. Gregory, Scio. Vice Presidenta- Aaron Ohilds, Augusta ; H. M. Mowry, Aun Arbor Town. Secretarles- Wm. G. Doty, Manchester; C. M. VVoolruff, Ypuilanti. Which report was accepted and adopted. The Committe on New Apportionment submitted the following : To the Democratie Convention : - Your committee on the subject of a uew apportionmeut ot delegates, respeotfully report that they have given the subject such consideration as their time would permlt ; that they have considered several proposed plaus, one based on the Democratie vote for Goveruor in 1874, one based on the íull vote for Goveruor t the same election, and a third based on the resognition of muuicipahties and the Democratie vote, and unauimously recoinménd the adoption oí the foilowing resolutions : Resolved, That the County Committee be instiucted in calling the next couvention, to npportion oue delégate to each towu and ward ís such, aud further to give to each towu and ward one delégate íor each fifty votes polled Eor the Democratie candidato for Governor iu 1874, aud an additional delégate to each fractional number of votes larger than a moiety of Baid ratio. Resolved, That a new apportionment be made upon the same plau atter the coming electiou, the rote for presideutial electora goveruiug, whicü apportionmeut shall continue until after tlie Preaidential electiou of 188Ü, uuless otlierwise ordered by a future couventiou. Report accepted, and a motian being made to idopt, Mr. Joalin, of Ypsilanti, moved aa a substituto the followmg resolution : Resolved, That tha apportionmeut be made on the basis of the populatious of the respective wards and towuahips. Ou motion of f. J. Kobison, of Sharon, the resoultioua and aubatitute were laid on the table. The convention then took a brief recesa to enable the districts to name their delegatea to State and Congresaioual Conventions and District Committees, and on reconvening the following were reported : To State Convention- lat dist., W. H. Hawkius, C. M. Woodruii, Geo. W. Hall, Edward Kiug. 2d, E. E. Frazer, Wm. D. Hamman, H. M. Mowry, Henry Warren. 3d, A. McMilhm, Malcom McDougall, John J. Bobisou, Philip Blum. To Congressional Convention- lst dist, C. Josiin, Philo Ferrier, Aaron Ohilds, David A. Woodard. 2J, E. B. Pond, Alpheus Felch, E. M. Cole, George Sutton. 3d, Wm. H. Aruold, Horatio Burch, Duvid G. Koae, Charles S. Gretcory. District Committees- lst, G. W. Hall, F. P. Bogurdus, Amos Molntyre. 2d, E. B. Pond, H. M. Mowry, A. J. Murray. 3d, Patrick Fleming, Ebert P. Harper, M. D. Case, Wm. Beuerle, Asa Bluckuey. Which report was acoepted and atiopted. On motion each delégate waa authorized to appotnt his own substitute, and lailing to do so the delegatiou was authorized to till vacancies. The report of the Committee on, New Apportionment of delegates was taken from the table and referred to the Nominating Convention. On motion of H. D. Martin, of Ypsilanti, the following resolution was adopted : Resolved, That as the sense of this convention, Hon. Alpheus Feloh is the first choice for Congress from this district, if he will accept the nomination. The following County Committee was then chosen : Chas. H. Richmond, Chairman, Myron Webb, Walter H. Hawkins, E. B. Pond, A. J. Murray, A. E. Hewitt, Wm. Hanke. Adjourned sine die. Thursday of next week is the day on which the grand excursión of Company A, to Put-in-Bay, takes place. We are glad to hear that the affair promises to be a great success, and that tickets are being disposed of rapidly. The splendid scenery along the Detroit Kiver and anioug the islands of Lake Erie make this trip one ot the most pleasant and attractive ones that can be taken. Most of the large crowd that accompanied the Company on its excursión to the same place last year are again anxious to join the excursión of next week. This excursión will be much more pleasant than the one of last year, on acocunt of having secured a larger and more commodioiis steamboat for the trip. Several hours will be Bpent at Put-in-Bay, giving an opportunity to visit the mauy places of interest. On the return trip the steamer will stop for an an hour at Grosse Isle, to enable the excursionista to witness the dress parade of the Third Regiment, which has its encampment there during the coming week. Fare for the round trip only $1.75, children 90 cents.