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Tilden And Reform

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Come all ye honest Demócrata, Let each man raise his voice ; The time has come for every man To let his heart rejoice. We'll givther 'round good oíd flag, With hearts both true and warm, And give three honest, rousmg cheers For Tilden aud Ketorm. CHOBU8. Three cheers íor Tildea ! Three tor HendrickB, too ! Stiiid by the good oíd flag- The red, white andTlue.- [Repeat. Come, let us hve a8 once we lived, Obey our countiy's laws- "The Constitution as ít ís, The Union as ít was." We'll take the Democratie ship, And bravely fa e the storm, And bring it sately into port, With Tilden and Reform.- [Cho. Come, " strike now, while the iron's hot," Remember Washington ! The work of " honest government " Has eamestly beguu. Let's shout aloud to all the world, And give the wild alarm, To let them kuovv the people are For Tilden and Reform.- [Cho. Coma rally rouud the same oíd flag That won the world's applause When Jackson fought at New Orloans, And houest men made iaws. Unchain the Bird of Liberty, To Boar abovo the storm - God bless the country ! let ns shout ! For Tilden and Reform.- [Cho. Come, now's the time ! 'twere better, far, We all sleep in our graves Than to submit to men who've made Us nothmg but their slaves. Let Liberty lift up her eyes To Heaven, and raise her arm, And say, ' Thank God the coüntry's saved Through Tilden and Reform.- [Cho. Note.- The music and words of the above inspiring song are copyrighted and published by John L. Peters, 843 Broadway, N. Y.


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