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" Tie Xatñmal Adinriiútration merite conimenda tim for its Itonorabïe icork in the manayement o d&mCHlic and foreign alfairtf, and PreMdent Gran deücrvex tlie coniinrted and heartu iraJfude o Ih A'niñrican peoplêfor hia patriotiftm and hieiintywnse Hcrvicenin war and inpracr." Tho above is tho most significant planh ia the Ropublicau platform adopted by tho cou vention which nominatod Rutlurford B. Hayc for President. Amongtho most cbaraet rntic and important features of Grant's administra tion, whioh ia so highly commended, are the following : Gifl-Taking. - Gen. Grant began lus admin istration of the Proaidcntiai oliico by appoiut ing aa members of hia Cabinct, and to othe offices, mon who had made him valuablo gifte He bas continued tho practico of accepting presenta from people wantiug favora rrom him, until his greediness in this regard bas booomo a common subject of ridicule. Pensioning Tlelaliws on the Treasury. - It i notorions that Grant has burdonod tho Govorn ment with tho support of all his worthless rela tives, as well as the most of those who are con neeted with his f amily by marriago, by appoint ing tb cm to offices that they were usually in competent to fill. Hia son Fred has been giyen rapid and undeserved promotion for loitering in Washington, and on bis graduation from West l'oint was sent on a F.uropean tour at the expense of the 0nitod State, in violation o army regulations. Jobbery. - Grant's admiuistration has beer especially distinguishod by tho munber an( andacity of jobbing rings whieh have flourishet under it. The most of these have reeeivec protection and encouragement from tho Presi dent ; some of thom havo boen largely managei from the White Heuse. The San liomingo Job. - This was & favorito schemo with Graut, who made a secret troaty to lobby with Congreas for its accomplishmeut It was a conspiraey concocted by Grant, Bah cock, Bbveral adventureri, and Baez, the utmrp ing rulerof fcsan Domingo, fortho traitoroussale of the country by the latter, against the wil of tlio people. Thid, it was suppoaed, wouli give value to certain ooncessions held by the San Domingo ring, aud make the conapiratoi xich. Grant illegally used the United States navy to protect liaez from tho fury of the Dominioans while bis bargain was ponding The expense of tho United States attending th prosecution of the job conld not have been les than .2,000,000, ah tlirown away without authority of law. Senator Sumner opposed this atrocious scbeme. aud Grant gratitied his revengo for this by humiliating Mr. Sumuer il the Senate. Attempted Kidnapping. - Dnring the winter of 1871 the coudttot of the President in rela tion to Hio San Demingo job was undergoini, investigation by Cougress. In accordance witl instrnctious from the White House the Sccre Service of thö Treasury was used in an attempt to kidnap and abduct, npon a fabricated charge of murder, Mr. Kaymond H. Perry, of Rhode Mand. an important Goyernment witnens Tho ciiicers of tho Secret Service wcro informed that the contemplated abdnetion wan neceesary to " vindioate the integrity of tho Proeidout." Black Frikiy.-n 1869 a conspiracy was concocted by Jay Gould, Jim Fisk, A. E. Corbiu, a brothtr-iu-law of the Presidoot, and othere, to effect a colossal speculation by running up the price of gold to an extravagant point. In order to obtam early keevet iufoimation of the intentions of Government in regard to sales ol gold tho oonspirators procured the appointment of Gen. Butterfield, an old friend of Corbin's, to the ofiico of Sub-Troasurer in New York. Then the ansistanco of President Grant was sought and obtained. Grant gave order to the tiecrotary of the Treasnry to stop tho salea of Government gold, and the oouspirators wenl to work in Wall atreot, running up tho price from 13G to 163, or thereabouts. Becoming alarmed, Grant haatily rescinded bis order, and the epeculation broke down Sopt. 24, when ono f tho most frightful financial pauicn evoi known eccurred, resulting in the ruin of many business meD. lisk and flould narrowly escaped lynching by tho infuriated brokers for thir participation iu the plot, and tho day of tbat panic bas ever since heen known as " Black Friday." Mrs. Grant made $25,000 out of tbis job ; but Porter and Babcock, the confidential Secretarie of the President, los! ■1)45,000. Vtolalions of tlie ConstMution. - It has Deen tho enstom of President Grant to treal with uttc-r disregard the reqiüromenta of the eoiiütitutiou and the lav.s wlien they interiered with the exeention oí his desigus. Usurping SUite (Jovernments. - Twico President Grant, in utter defiacco of tho principios of Ilapublican Govcrnniont, ha, without anthority of law, usedtho United SUtesarmy to overthrow tho loglly elected State governraent of Louimana, iu order to oblige his brothcr-in-law, the notorioua Casoy, who wished to bo electod United States Senator. Ho wanted to (o the same thing iu Arkansas, but was overruled by Cougiess, notwitlistanding his personal efforte to iotiuonco tlio mernbers. The District of Colmnbia Ring. - Tho history of thix ffifamous nsuociation óf awindkrs is familiar to the whole country. A ring forined for purposes of plunder haa had absolute control of the District of Columbia for years, anJ by aan of false measuremonts and fraudulont vouchers suppliod by Babcock, while coiiiidential Seeretary of the President, and by other device, bas succeeded in plundering tlio Trcasury of miüions of dollars whioh the tax-payers of the different State will havo to make good. Bosb Shepherd, the leader of this ring, is ono of the most intímale personal friends of Qrunt, who haa aidcd him to tho utmost extent of bis ability, iu hia designs againBt tho public funda. Grant is beHevod to be a secret partner in tho ring real estáte pool. Conspiring icilh Professional Burglars. - In consuQuonco of tho ruinous offects of Boss Shepherd's extravagauco upon the iuterosts of property holders in Washington who wore outside of the ring, tho loading citizens potitioned Cougress to iuvestigato tho doiug of the S'iopherd govornment. Ono of the most prominent of these citizens was Mr. Columhus Aloxander, and in order to imr.iHh him for interfering with the ring schemes, Diek HarringtoD, then Assistant District Altorney, througli the United States secret service, hircd profeasioual burglars to break open his own safo, end then swear that Mr. Alexander employed them to commit the crime. The conspiracy failod, and whon Haryington was on trial for his sharo in it, President Grant, in order to influence tho jury, invited him from the criminal dock to a particularly select reception at the White Houae. Geo. Babcock, Grant'a confidontial secretary, i now uuder indictment for being concorncd in the samo conspiracy. Tlie }Vhi$ky Rings. - SiaceGranthasbofnin ofliee various whisky rings, in eoi(Lidoration of contrlljuthjji liberalTy to Republican oloction fonds, and for other cousidorations which Gen. Babnock conKl Best expiain, havo boen permitted to del'raud tlio revenue by solling u?itaxed whisky. It is a inodoratfl estímate to say tliat moro than One Hundred Million JMlars liavo tlius Baen from Ibe troaaury by Uio wlíirtlty rings, nll of whioh imiht bo rei l'V tftxiug tbo people. Hr. iiriHtow was (Jriven out of Grano'H Oubinct for ondoavoriug to brc;ik up theso rings, and puiiiuh tho Uiiovoa who componed thcni. ■.'nuniuiiis Dtfalcaiions. - Tlio business of tlie various cxecutive deiKVrttuontu nndor Grant'a administration has boon o looHoly oonduotodi and tho appointments to onico havo been ho bd!y made, that the books of the treaeury on Juno IU, 187(!, showed defnlcations on tho pari of Grant's ollicoholdcrs which had accunmlaU'd .ince ho was inauguratod President, aniomitinti in tlio aggregate to Five iíiüion Five Bitndred Thousand Flve Hundrtid r ,:' Xini hj irr DoUarB, TllO tHX píiv í-l'ri UUlöt ;r;'Ori. ttóbhingtlu FreedUhen. Tlio failure nl' tbo Preedmeu'a Savings Bank, with au tadébtednesa to deyouitors of over f 3,000,000, ha ' rauded 70,000 poor freedmon of thoir Utlo eafningp, whieh t!ip,y liad been indtioed to ntrusí wittittie toltuu concern ilndor the telas H'otence that it wna a Govcfnment inatitution. ?hiB wholosale robbory ot poor negroos wae mainly committed by the moc.t intitnato poronal frienda of tho Preeilent, and he c'onld mve prevonted it if he liad wishod to, for tho rregularities iu Uo management of tho bank wero ful ly exposod in tiie Sun four yeara boforo Jio Bwlndllng insutation closol ite dqore. Tho Séneca Sandstouo Company, in whloh Orant vas financially intorestod, participated in this robbery of the nogro depositors in the Frcectman's bank. Tlw Simne. Ha?-.- Tho hoatilities condunted agaiuat tlie Sioux, which liavo resnlted in an expondiluro of millionH of dollars, in the Snater massacre, and iu a threatened outbreak of all the wild Indiana in tlie Northwoijt, was entirely unnecessary. It was caused by a vioation, from avaricionsmotiveB, of atroatymade ■ i 1866. The violation of a olonni agroemont with tlio Indíaus wan made iu order to afford aom,e personal frlonda oí Gjarit an opportunity to seize and spocnlato lipón miuoral tracta and town sites in tho Blnck Hills country, and för no other renson. It was aimply a national ihfamy, accompliHhed for private gain. It ia beliovod that young John Delano and Fred Grant were two of the most activo membera of the Black IIUls ring. lncfeased Tasr.ation. - Tho expenses of the Uoitcd Government undor Grant havo been extravagant boyoud oomparison for a time of poaco. For eix yeara of hto admiuiatration, ending June 30, 187S, the public oxpenditures amounted to moro than four thmtsrind millioyi tlollars, all of wliich ha been oxacted from au ovortaxed people, and a large portion of whióh has been stolen by Iiopublican thievca in office, and thcir accomplico. The lato Democratie House of Uepresnntativos auccoeded ii getting a roduction of about $30,000,000 in tli appropriation billa ; bat thoy were fonght a every Btep by Grai'.t and tlie Republican Senate who deiiirea to have more moucy voted tha evor bofiire. Raining theA'avj. - Tho recent Coügression al investigation of tlio management of theNav Department by Hecor llobeson ahowa that nn dor the present administraron two hundrei niülion dollars have boon expended, but tha according to the teetimonv of Admiral Portel we havo not a single first-claaa veasel. and tha "asawhole, the uavy ia worth nothing." ', waa also provod that tho moat acaudalóos frauí corrnption and larceny liad characterizod t) admiuistration of naval affairsfromtheday tha liobeson entered the office. This diuhones and iucompetout Socrotary will, undoubtedh bc impeached when Cougrees meets again but he ia a groat favorite wich Grant, an( he ia sustaincd by all the Eepnblican leaders Secor Kobcaon ia an enthnsiastic supporter o Hayes. Creating an Oligarchy of Officelioldrrx.- When President Grant entored oflice in 18G! the olüceholders on tho civil liat of the Unitei States munbored 54.2G7. In 1875 they aggre gated 94,119, being an incroaso of about fort thousand in six years only of Grant'a adminis tration. Many of thoae render no errice to the country, but are merely political pensioners on the Treasury, who, in return for tho mono they draw, are expectod to work for tho por petuation in power of tho corrupt República orgauization. It ia this immense army o placemen who seek to usurp tho control o our Government, leavinK the people no voie in the conduot of affairn. It is the oflice holdera who constitute and manage all Ilepubiicau Dominating conventiona ; it is tho ollicr holdera who eonduct political caucasses, an( are relied upon to manipúlate and, if noegsar; to faleify election returns. Mr. Ilayea, iu opposition to the old Democratie principie o rotation in office, which haa alwaya been be] to be the only effectnal barrier to the creatio of an office-holding aristociacy, propoaes to givo a life tenure of oüice to thoae men, hik thus render them enlirely independent o public opinión. This will account for the ei thuaiasm they manifest for bis election. A of these ofliceholdeis, on the occasion of ever} important olection, are comr.elled to contribut money for political purposes, and tbus enor mous corraption fundsare raiaedto uaeagaiua the peoplo who wish to reform the Govern mout. Sranfs Reconstruclion Policy. - This ha consisted of depriving tlio people of the rip;L of aelf-governmeut, interfertug with troops I carry olectionB for the Kepnblican party, an nullifying tho will of the peoplo aa exproaaod a the polla when tho verdict was luifavorable to the raio of ignorance and corruption. Th public debt of uearly all tho reconatructoc States was comparatively small at the ond o the war ; uuder negro and carpet bag rule was rolled no to an aggrecate of over One Uuntreü, and JVinety-four MUlion Dollars, whi! tho taxation for local purposes has ofte amounted practically to eoufiscatiou. An im meuse number of farms, : , well aa largo tract of unimprovod lands, lir.vo been Boized anc 80d by the Sheriffa to satisfy the insatiat greed of the plundorers who have rej resentod Grant'a adminiatration in the Soutl and who have Bucceoded in impoverish ing the owuers of vast portions of th moet productive territory in America thus raming tho boet market for ï(ortljfr manufactures that thero is in tho world. Th present policy of Grant and tho men who ar managing tho campaign for Hayes ia torekind] tbe sectional animosities which are dying ou both North and South ; to incitO race distnrb nces, ditorganizo labor, and put thoso of th Southoru people who have redeemed themaelves from tho rule of the carpet baggers back into territorial condition, where tnoy will be helpleea to protect themaelves from utter ruin. C courao the success of tlüs polioy would ba dia astroua to the ilnancial interesté of tho whol country ; but tho ofiïeeholdcra who control th Kepubíican psrty, and who would control Haye should he be eloctod, caro nothing for that. ] is their own interests they aro iooking aftcr and as a prominent liepubhcan Senator lias expreaöed it, they boliove that thero are ' liv yeara more of good stoaling" yot in tho South These are a few of the moat conapicuoua features of tliat policy which the Ciucinnat Convention haa omcially approved. To a can tinuance of those methods of administratio Gov. Ilayes is vivtually pledged. Thono wh üke this stylo of government cannot do bette than to voto for Hayea and Whoeler.


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