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I had a beautiful garment. And I laid it by with c&re; I folded it closo with lavender leavee ín a napkiu fine srnd fair ; II It is Car too costly a robe," I said, " For one Hke me to wear."' So never at morn or evening I put mv garment on ; lay by itself, un der clasp andjkey, In the perfumed dusk alone-, Its wonderful 'broidery liidden ' Till many a day had gone. There were gueets wlio carne to my portal, There were friends who eat with me, And ciad in Bomberest rairaent I bore them company ; Uuew that I ownod a beautiful robe, Though its eplendor none might see. TLere were poor who stood at my portal, There were orphaned soui(ht my care ; I gave them the tendereet pity, But hac! nothiog beRides to spare; I had only the beautiful garmeut, And the raiinent for dftily wear. At last, on a f eaet day's coming, I thoughc in my drees to Bhine; I woïld please myseif wtth the luster Of its Bbifting colora finev _ I would wclk with. pride in the mar rel Of its rarely rieh design,. So out from the duet I bote it- The ïavender ïeïl away - And f oíd on ïold t lreld it up To íhe scorehing Ilght oï the day Alas? the glory had periahed Wfeile there in its platte it lay, Vho seeks fof tli-e fítdelPSe beauty Must seek fof the use that seáis To the grttce of a constant blessing The beauty that use reveáis, For intothe foldod robe alone The moth with its bligating Bteals. -Earper's Bazar,


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