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To tho People of the United States Fellow Citizekb- We congratúlate you ae patrióte aud partakeis wilh us in the common deatiny of American freemen upon the resulta of the Octrvber State electionB. We rejoice in tho victory whicli the people's ballots have bestowed upon tbe frieiulB of reform in the valley of the Ohio, where the Uepublican hosts havo ha3 oyerwhclming ascendency in every Preaideutial election Bince 1856. We rejoice in the assurances these eicctions convey that your ballota will beatow decisire majorities to tho allied forcee of Democracy and reform in the November electiona througüout tho Union ; but we rejoice not as partisans. Wc rejoice with you as fellow-citizena, and whcn the de.ciaion of tíifs wei.-k of 1, Of 0,000 voters along the valley of the Ohio shall be ratifled nextmonth by the üat of 8,000,00iï voters througkout tho wnole republic, we shall Htill rejoice, chiefly for the reaton that not ono of íta citizbus can misa tin equal ahare with lis, who are Demócrata, in the political ptace and good wül which will then and there be establishril among all scctions, races, claascs, and conditions of men, aad in the proBperity of which political poiice, baaed on cqual rigkta and fraternal good will, is the flret condition. Upon tho three stateB of West Virginia, Ohio, anti indiana, were concontrated all the influence of the adminiatration, all their efforta, and all, the vast eums of money foroed from 100 000 otnoeholdors of the party ui power. These were fcarful odds, not again to bc contended againBt bo concentrated, for in the November election thö conteet will bo in every ono of tho thirty-eight States Tipon the same day. Nevcrtheless, agaiust these odds the Demócrata and Kefoniiers of West Virginia and Indiana have been victorious, and in Ohio they have all but reacned a State hitherto deemed hoptle3Pt and have created au aseurance oí Tictory in November. If it falls to our lot, au tho Natiunal Democratie Commíttee, to congratúlate the people of the Union upon tais victory in tho first battlo of the reform campaign, it is only becauso the Democrats have been honoicd to be the loadera of the pcoplo in the work of national regeneration. The victory won and the victory ( till to bo won will bo deliverance aa much to the Republicana as to tho Demócrata. I he patriotic inasses of the publican party luay be toftnkfnl that tho niisdeede of their uuworthy leaders have b-itn rebuked and arrested. The Hiiffering whiteB of the South may lift iheir heads to groet tho dawn of a botter day for them as well an the nation at lurge. Tho colored citizen inay share the general joy tïiat ho will soon ceaso to be tne stock in trado of corrupt politicians. but shall enjoy hie rightful liberties and nis equality before the lawH amid universal goot! will. as for the reform Dümocracy, to whoso Rtandarda victory haa been tied with aU her garlaudB on, it only remains for them to welcorae every ally, every friènd, close up the ranks and press on Bhoulder ta ehoulder under the banucr aud with tho ono watchword - roform. Follow-citizcns, pvace betwoen all seckions, prosperity in all our homos - of these you have been for years deprived by the miataken solicitudo of patriotic Republicana, playrd upon by aclfih and corrupt leadera who havo kept warm the dying embers of civil atrife iu order to escapo the inspeotion of the trusts which thcy have betiayed. For eleveu yeryou havo had the name of peace, but ;itno iimc havo yon had the aubatanco of pcace. In Hen thoroof you have had the grinding taxation aud the wastefui exprnditurc of war. Juet botore every eloctiou every year you have had tho preaching of a now ■riisadc againat a eection utterly defeated in war and anxioua only to be completely reconciled in peace. ï'or eleven years tho power of tho men who aavc seized away the control of their party from tho liñuda of itfl Btateemen and founders lias been supremo in almost evory dopartment of the Federal Govern ment. Diacarding the hope.8 of prolonging their domination by benencent public meaaures, they havo cro litod and traffleked upon public calamitiee. The policy they adopted haB been worked out. lts failure has been absoluto. In place of the past performances theso same corrupt and h leaders now proffer promiyes already brokon as thir titles to further trust. Having prostrated our manifold industries by vaet aggrr-gatos and wnrso mothols of Federal taxation, they now again nolicit your confldence as inBtrumenU of retrenebment and reform. lïaving debauched tho public pervice aud havin just uow in the faco of open day asseBeed their ariny of 100,000 offlceholdf ra -the people's servant, paid bythe pfople'B (axes- in orlor to errate 1 1 1 i 1 1 1 ■ i : - corruptiou filudo to frústrate the peopln'R wiïl, thoy now profesa to be championa of civilaer'ico reform, llaving imposed upon the Southern States the rapacity, fraud and plunder of carpfet-bag Kövernment; having almost ruined tho proaperity of the North by destro.iiïg tho prosperity of the South, and having createcl terror, uncertainty and conl Utíioa in all the productivo inluttrin of the ïiouth, which furnishmont ot" ilio exporta of our wüoIr country, keop in mntion tho commerce and manufactorios of the Korth and East, and furnish a market for the agricultural jiroduota of the Weet, thoy now propose by a renewdl of the sume fatal policy toprolong their owb power,in the hopo of concealing their mi6deetfs,and for this ])iirposR they do not hcHitate to roiif-w tho cry of intoleranceT to rvive tho dying memories of fraternal sr rifo, and to appeal tothe fears andprejudiccH of the tiniid and lgnorant. Fellow-uitizcns, these men and their lueasures have been completely tri'd and have complotely failed. Oppreyaive taxation, au exhauated Souih, au iüipovoriBhed North, a fluctuating curremy, tho entcrpriHC of an industrious pcople lorked fat in the paralysis of hard times- uuch is tho outcome oí their political policy; hucU are the achic vemen ts f tticir long Hupremaoy. Vttur ballut in November can alono dietate a chango of meesurea and a chango of men. Sh.ill not tho nprlslng of patnotíBm along the valley of tlio Ohio go on to a complete and beneücial n:ohtt-ion in the adminintr;ttiou of the G6vetDment of the ITnitaii States? Will you not by the volee of OTorwhelmlBg nxajoiitiea at tbc polls proclaim yonr lailh, aïter uil iheso yeara ol' corrupiion aud pasHion, in the hrgb, fmmortal prlnolplei of a goveroment by the puoplo, tHr the pople, n i bOQMtj a :n [ :-W rl m i , is Ihv HU promO wisdom of public pslicy, ín justice aS the inother of power, and in civil, frecdom as the hifllowed eud of a trua rcpublican ttftioÜ ality? Will you not bnild up ft nevr prosperity for all the poopló on the old foundatioDS of American aelf-ROvernniont, on peaco, reconclllatlon and fraternity brtweeu all secUone, all classes, :md all races embratied within onr syatem oí ámerican commonwealth; on frtigality and cdocn. my in all govornnients; on the honesty and purity of tbo adiuiiiiHtriition, and havlng logt yonr prosperity thruugh goverbinental niiflrulo, regatn that prosDerity tlirough gov. rnmental referm? We boffltntt t bis rest iaftno to the intclllgenca and con$iincc of tJin Ameritïan pcople, witli au unfaltertng frnat In tbc wisdom and juetice of Utelr tleJiy otder of the Naíional Democratie Ccmtriitteo. Ajoum S. Hewitt, Chairman,


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