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Paralyzed On The Stage

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There was a startling scène at ine Holliday Street Theater, the othernight. John Ferrifi was playing the part oí George Talbojs in "Lady Audley s Secret " At the close of the flrst act he said to Mr. Collins, the stage manager, as he went off the stage : " I am feehng very badly. Just feel my arm ; I fearit is paralyzed." Mr. Collins thought he was low-spirited, and made a pleasant reply. When the time arrived f or üim to reappear on the stage he went on in the second scène and began to stagger around the stage so that the audience, thinking he was intoxicated, laughed ana shouted. Lady Audley rushed toward him to push him mto the well, „„ „„„„i,i ïw the Tlav. when he said, " Leave me alone." She then observed that he was in a semi-conscious state, and that he was frothing at tho mouth. He was carried off the stage and conveyed to his residence, where a physician discovered that there had been a stroke ofparalysis. When the announcement was made from the stage a man in the eallery manifested some skepticism. The vipper gallery of a theater is a safe refuge for brutality. An honest conductor on one of the San Francisco street-cars found a bag containing f475 in coiu on one of the seats of his car, where it had been left by a oarelesa passenger who had alighted a block or two off. The conductor picked up the bag and ran back with it in the dircction taken by the owner, whom ] niet in a fearfnl state of mind, having ■ dtóooyéred hia loss. A hearty bhake o ■ the hand was all the conductor got f his honesty aud paine.


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