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Ihcn and Novr. Ht-re ia the saine o!d mansión, With its quaint, ïnogs-cover'ed toweru, And the snmmer eunlight sler'pirp On the (leaiu of tbc garden flowen ; And the wild aové, far in the JH-wood, Cooing in monotone ; And the stately, siient court-yard, With its antigüe dial-stone. Thñ ewslïows have come as of yero, lad, From over the uuur? eea, And the cup of ili lilv echoea ïo the hum of the waiKlcring bee. The lark, in its silvery trcble Singa up in Ihe deep-blae sky ■ Bilt the hwise is not aa it v,-ar, lad In thone dear oía days gone by. 'Twas here that !i garments ruBÜed Like music amid the flowers ; And her low, sweet, rippllDg langhter Made richer the rosc-wreatïi(Ki bowen. But now, in ite noontide brightnees, The plce seems cold and dead, And it ïiee lke a form of beauty When the light of tb t soul has fled. All huehetl is each ehaanbei That echoed to songe of old ; The chairs are now all vacant, And tho hearts are dark and cold. Yet the joys I had here of yore, lad, No heart but my own can know ; And the glimpsee of lieaven she gave m& In tbis dear home long ago. But they víeai oBe evo, -lien be leí t me 'Mid the balni of the nummer air r There'e a grave far over the hilla, lad The home Of my heart is therc. AroHml the Farm. To have a good garden next year, cover it now with fl Jaearp coat of rich, well-rotted manure, and spade it in deeply and thoroughly. In many A the Eastern States at least, one-half the apple erops wül go to waste, being too much to be taken, care of. The Indianapolifl, ïnd., Tinega factory has purchased 10,000 btishels, ai fourteen cents per bushei, to make eider vinegar. Two "ohéJIIWí" for selling Liebig7 fluid extract of meat hare been flned on the application of the excise. It seems that the compound is about 84 per cent. of a so-called -wine, with only a small percentage of extract of meat. The wine itself ia reported to be a madeup article. - Glasgow News. A gang of lightning-rod men has been operating in New Hampshire. By false reprewentatioDS they got the signature of farmers to promissory notes of $150 each, due Feb. 29, 1877, ïrhen the farmers thought they were signing for only $1.75. The scoundrels have cscaped, and the notes will probably be presented for payment when due. Wrra the opening English market for our choieest beevep, and vith the best herds of acalawags from Texas, Arkansas, and Colorado which feed the million with poor and cheap beef, there is no pronc m raising any but the best steers. Corn is plenty, and to aave it from being swallowed in railroad freight, feed it to hogs and cattle, liberally, but judiciously. - .Des Moines Register. A cobbespondent of the Indiana Farmer says there is much to learn in wheat culture in regard to varieties, best time for seeding, fertilizing, etc. In a paper before him he sees it stated that on a field of wheat, fertilizers tothe amount of 1,000 pounds per acre were eown broadcast on a portion, and 250 pounds per acre drilled with the seed were more beneficial to the erop than the 1,000 pounds sown broadcast. The amount of good done by the chickens among fruit trees can hardly be estimated. We completely conquered the canker-worm in an orchard of 100 trees, in two years' time, by colonizing a flock of fifty chickens or so in the midst of the lot, not to mention wide-awake farmer should make every preparation in autumn for the timely performance of work the coming season. A. week oí delay in the routine of work mav delay it the whole sumnaer. tJrP8 sowed late are reduced in amount Weeas allowed to grow cost ten fold to dcstroy. Those who have ever traveled on an express train out of time will understand this. Every hindrance is mcreased teafold Every local train must be waited for Ten minutes too late ís two hours loss." About the House. The London Milk Journal says that a pint of niilk beated a little, but not boiled, taken every four hours, wiU check the most violent dmrrhcea, stomach ache, incipient cholera anddysentery. Tipsv Sqtjibe.- Take a loaf of sponge cakeT stick the top thickly with blanched almonds : bake and put in a large glass toh over it a full pint oL old ne. Then make a nch custard and i pouv over all. Ohabcoal has been discovered to be a SUre cure for burns. By laymg a smaU tóece of charcoal upon the burn the üa subsides immediately. By leavmg toe charcoal on one hour, the wimd 18 SaleT tos been demonstrad on aeveral occasions. Tf the insideof yonr tea-pot or coue SbSht as a ne doUar, aad no work A ooxoi toe Medical nd water and fine soap. Hnr fob Young Housbeebpebs.-; A ladv of long experience as mistress of a house sends the following exceUent hints for readers: " I hare been ahousekSper for a score of years, and hare thichbas been worn dunng the sumother.scrapsof new Jy ,,. ... iv,r,r wm-n lnipn is rolied up Dy itseliinadinesB for use if bandageB e my worn muslin hkewise rinaííbitóf. All UnL what new suppües I may have n the Thape of flanBe)" mu8lin, clothB cahcoes I keep in a chest by themselves Then lace ín this way Inever have to spend isp Mv patterns are u i" t -j tl emaelvesf the boys' patterns m sepa, rate parcela, and the girls' the same. I havo a bandbox in whicü awputwaj flowers, and ribbons, and ve vets whch may still be of service. On the . ïnwc e of each closet door in the chambers u fLtenedashoe bag, so , that sh oes _are never lying rownd on the floor. lhese varfous little contrivance I have foun4 verv iiseful iu enabhng me tq put my Sat once on whatever may be re qoirad for family convemence without the tïoufele Qf bunüng ït up.


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