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correspondent predicts that South Carolina will give Tilden a majority of f rom 2,500 to 10,000, and that Wade Hampton will get a larger majority than Tilden . and this despite the troops. Prof. Eansom Dunjí, of Hillsdale, whom the greenbaekers of the district uominatcd for Congress, has deolined the proffered favor, thus showing more seuse than the men who constitute the ay eleot a aömber of thö L weok.f preside in the city of Vpsf ] nti or one of the tons P with .II that term imp], you w,, for Haye8 and Wbeeler. They are the candldate8ofGrantofMortonfofcet Z7í :ffen;Butler'ofne.ofMa" shalPackard otbrother.n.JawC of Belknap, of Babcock, of Robeson, of W,hams, ofthe Mogby rf dealers in nr.of.t..-..L' ♦k i j - "-cíouips, and of al the leader8 and thieves who have naad, arantsad?tratonad8gracetotht Coagre by the Repub]ioanR rf .nía uongressional district of New ïorfc, „ proof positive that and that_tbey a„ reformo,u within. T„E New York ;7d76olO6e8 the fftct thrt dunng the CoagreBs.onal career o Gov Hayes he voted persistentlv ffn.t all resolutions Or „ lookinff to rl .- ., sures u , -""" in ene volume o] greenbacks, aad a8 persistently in favor of measures looking to aa additiona lare issue Of greenbaoks, toreplace the W h the Treasury Department ooaverted into a perpetual greenbaok mili wheaorhowould it be possi ble for' theG0verameatorthecollntrytowork , k t0 8Pec'e payments? a„h I ..Kl-money men 8peak of H L ehaplon of resumption. T J ' - thl4t refu8ed tQ ndorge and - te in uuquestionable terms the reumphonaot of 1875 bvideutlr knew I tho record of Gov. Haye6. THECh.oagorn.theleadingRe. pubhoan organ in the Northwest, figures outaKopublioan victory, but by. the k oí the teeth." Claimi„K J nia. Florida. Nevada, and Wisconat a8" ■u"'rH.y .„ „o," .voertain-colulQn foota up 1 U electo-" ral votes, or H le88 than the number "ecessaryforachoice. Andthenitcap ;; ;he n vote8 by add4: New Jersey and Oregon, naakinA.J ■nag,o total of I85,_aot a votfl '


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