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A DOLLAR SAVED IS A DOLLAR EARNEB ! NEW GOODS ! AndpricesLOWER TÏÏAN EVER. I have purchased in New York, for eaah, and I am now daily receivinii one of the largeat and mout select stocks of Groceries in Waahtenaw Cuunty, consisting of a íu'l and well selected LINE OF TEAS, All of the new erop - including Ganpowderf, Impcriafs, Voung Iff vsons, si j sous, J:tuiUN, Oolongs, Formusas. Coligo lis, NoiitlioiiN, and Twankuys, Togetherwith a fullline of COFFEE3, consiitin? of the followinp brand: MOCHA, OLD GÖVfT.7AVA,MAUACAIBO,LAGUAYRE,8ANTOS and 1(10, botb rouated and grouiid ; a full and well selected stock of SUCARS, SYRUPS AND MOLASSES, Together with everything in the line cf Pure Spieea.Oanneil frnits, nd Vegetables. We have a full and complete line of BOOTS & SHOES, ITATS, CAPS, GLOVES And Hosiery. Also,achoice assortment of Ladies' and Uentlemen's Underwear. Cali and examine (umi and l'riceu and we will insure satisfaction. EDWARD DUFFT. 11 Maynard's cor. Main and Ann streets Ann Arbor, Mich. DSHighest caeh pricO paid for all farm produco.";5Èil Scwing Machines THE SIITCEK, ITET" DOMESTIC, And th.e HOWE, And several goxl Socond-Hnnd Machines at the SEWING MACHINE OFFICE, Ann Arbor. Also Necdles for all Machines The very best that are made, and attaebments and i&rta for nearly all machines. S1NGER MACHINES Sspatred lictter therc than anywherc clse in Anerica. If your machine dou't work weTi, trrulc t for one that does, or have it repaired. All machines sold ou easy payments at the office. Socond door rust of Post Office, Ann Arbor, Micb. (155G) I. I,. - it i M í i . Affent. vi;ijJMi ikm;m;s FOB SALL. A largenntl very well bunt bntrk honee, with wo or inore lots. Two larö frmned hornea. Also a good sized brïck house and frame hous ; and a email frame house on a goodlot, intended for náling a front For sale on fair terms and reasona)le credit. AUoother buildings, lots, and property. :'IO;ï UATEDSn raany wihhing o borr&tv money apply to me that ï ean readily btainfor Znrfersgoodsatiafaotory inTeatments teu per cent. interest. E. W. MOKifAN. Ann Arbor, Jan. 3 , 18"6. 1664 JEND 25e. toG.P, ROWKLL A CO., New York, ] -5 for pamphlet of 100 pages, containing lista of - ■) newspapers, and estixaates abowing coat of adt vsrtisiog. i STAR UI I h 2 ï- o. r o o g s s o i üí a r z (O D ÜQ HOUSE. Thorough-Bred Pigs AT A BARGAIN ! Intending to malee the raising oí tboronpb-í" Eiga a speeialty, we undertook to keep Mrw retds, but, whn íairly under way, iré find tw each breed in its varied conditíons, Age, At. "" quireoroany pastare loto and feed üpartme' that we flnd it impracticable. Therefore ÖdJJ the Polnnd China'a are bul little known ia 'c gAn , vi: propose to drop thera f rom onr litt p? Belling : Figs, of good shipping síze, íor $9 oachorH pair. l'iírB, oí extra size, 100 lbs. asd 0Terf ♦ 20 eftch. A few splecdid 8 to 12 montha Snwn in coadïOOB to be bred in November, at HO each. Sowe, to farrow soon, f rom ffb to 60. Our stock is just the thingr for anyoiïe wwiii1! to niake a peeilty of breedinc Foland Chíníf wfaiefa in Olrio, Indiana, Illinois, and Iowa t tf arded with more faror than any othor breed, b ng ahort lega and immense bedie for tbtir íifií1' HALL BKOTHER8. Ann Arbor, Sept. 12, 187. 1600 IHHUNCBi COMPAffi Capital, - - $3,000,000. Assets Jan 1, 1R76, $6,792,649.98. Loases Paid ín 55 Years, $44,760,391.71. Surplus over nll Liabilitie, ÍDoludiDí He-Insarance Reserve, $4,735,092.83. !Tet Sarplus orer Liabilitie, íncludiog Ko-In8uranoe and Capital Stock $1,735,092.86. C. HACK, Agent, Ann Arhot. JOHt t.. IUJItr.EKíH, Attorney J Counselor at Law, 5 fíorth Main stroet, db Irbor. ilOAdtty st hom. Agent wanted. OnJJ1 IpAá and T.KUB CO., Aurti "'


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