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I From the Boston Post. Are the Southern States really in the Umon.r1 Ono would doubt it from tho nianner m wLich the managers of the -Kepublican party treat theni. If they are, their people are entitledto the saine nghts we enjoy. If they eee fit to Bond men to represent them in Congress who were iornierly " Confederates," who has a nght to corophiin ? Loyal men of toüuy , whoever they are and whorever located have tho same right topartioipate in making laws and administering them that we have. Any other theory is practioalljr disunion. Moreover, if the I South is entitled to representation in the government, it must be left to the local o.,n8tltnei"y to make elootions. Any other doctrine is despotisiu, cali it whnt you will. Still further. The peoplo of each section, the South as well aa the JNorth, are the best judges in the case. Wbether in all cases the wiaeat selectlOiia íiTñ niftílo ia r i : i i ..--. C.1O maue ia not our buBiness, but ineirs._ Tho prosumption is (though not very violent if certain Kepublican distnots nere represent the rule) that the best men are seleeted. Grant may have committed au error of judgment in taking to bosoni and confidenoe the noted o ld guerrilla, Mosby, but he had a nght to do it. If he practised on the principie ot sending a rogue to catoh a rugue, he may have made no mistake ho in appomting the eminent Confedérate General Longstreet to a prominent and lucrativa office, there i. no just cause of complamt it he was competent. But it makes a wouderful difference with our Kepubhcan friends whether national oftoe-holders or Bepresentatives in Congress irom the South vote our ticket. In this view the Demócrata are quito willmg to join iSSU9 on the question whioh s the national party.


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