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Throwing Light On A "dark Seance."

Throwing Light On A "dark Seance." image
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■brom tue lorouto U-lobe. A gentleman who calis hiniself a Spiritualist and who has the reputation of being a succesBÍul medium, has for some time past been engaged in holding a nuinbur of seances at various pluces in Torouto. These seancee, it is said, have been well attended, and so striking were the " manifestatione " produced through the agency of the medium that inany of our citizens who had previously been keptical became converts to Sjjiritutilism. The price of admissiou to the swuicu was usually halt a dollar, for which sum those who were fortúnate eiiough to gaiu admission to the " cirole" eujoyed for a brief period the extreme felieity of holding communion with five spirits who played, sang, and danced by turns, aud oueasionally indulged in suoh playful ecr.eutricities as slapping the faces, pulling the hair, and even pinchiug the bodies of certain favored ones in the circle with whom it was said they were in sympathy. A niember of a well-known dry goods firm having an establishuient ou Tungo street, attended sevaral seances, and for souie reason or othiT bocame convineud that the manifestatious were frauda and the medium a humbug. He dütermined to exposé the whole affair, and with this object in view he paid a visit to a house in which the medium generalijsummoned the attendance of the spirits, haviug provided bimself with a quantity of ootton well saturated with burniug fluid. It may be as well to obsorve here that there is a bedroom in the raar of the chainber in which the seances were held, and that the wall separaüng the two had been pierced for the accotnmodation of a stove pipe. On the arrival of our Yonge street merchant, he found that a seance was just about to be opened, and having watched bis opportunity he contrived to slip iuto the bedroom unnoticud by the spiritualist The medium having been bouud seourely and a oircle lormed, the lights were turned down, and in a brief Hpace of time the spirits vouchsafed manifostations of a tremeudous character. everything was working beautifnlly, when suddenly the room was illuminated by a bright, intense and mysterious light that appeared to proceed trom the stove-pipe hole, and, to the astonishment of all, the medium was discovured standing unfettored in the middle of the room, with his coat aud boots off. His face woro an aspect of unutterable horror, that, seen in the weird light emunating from the stove-plpe hole, had au appalling effect upou his visitors. The ilunouoiuent is not difïïcult to imagine. The Yonge street merchaut says he exposod a vile deception. What the mudium said we dare not record.


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