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Thanksgiving Proclamation

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IR THE NAME AND BY THE AUTHOKITY OF THE STATE OF MICHIGAN. I, John J. Bagley, (Joveruor of the State of Michigau, do reocmnieud-to the people oí this State, tlia observanoe of Ti ursday, November ■jOth, as a tlay of Thanksgiving. Standing upoii the threshold ot the second ceiitury of our nationul lile, let us, in our plaoes of worliip aud by our fíresides, on that day, gratulully acknowleiige the tender watchfulness and eufolding care of our Heavenly Father, that has so blessed us m the past, and highly rosolve to deserve by noble deeds, good lives, and charity, oue for auother, its abidiug preseuce with us iu the ceuturies to coine. üiven under my hand and the Qreat Seal of the State, at Laueing, this 4th day I „ i of Noveuibor, in the year of our l "] Lord 1876, and of the United States 101. JOHN J. BAGLEY. By the üoveruor : E. Ij. D. Holden, Seoretary of State.


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