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A Card From Justice Mcmahon

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ANN AEBOE, JN OV. 16, 1876. E. B. Pond- In the Detroit Post of yesterday you may have aeen au article asserting that myself and others were in default to the city of Ann Arbor, in not paying over certain moneys to the City Treasurer. Justices of the Peace are required by the City Charter to make quarterly reporta of all fiues oollected aud pay the sume over to the City Treasurer. Last June I made mj report m f uil and paid over every cent m my hands. Technioally I sliould have made another report in October, but was sick and unable to make a report ; but still contiuued payiug money to the tieasurer, and was really only two week behind m my report. At the time the above statement was publiahed the city owed me a great deal more thau I owed the city. Since I have been Justice of the Peace I have paid more fine money into the city treasury than all the other justices in the city combined, and have paid more iuto the county treasury than any justice in the county of Washtenaw, aB records will show. And I do not owe the city of Ann Arbor or the couuty of Washtenaw one dollar. YourB respectfully, JAMES McMAHOX, Justice of the Peace. Harper's Magazine lor December is early on our tuble, - a reminder that auother year has about run its course. It opens with The Home of Columbus, with twenty-three illustrations. Boys and Girls, illustrated by Porte Crayon, will prove intcrestmg to a 1. A third illustrated paper is Tliu Kiiukerbockers of New York Two Centuries Ago; a fourth, The so-called Pigmy Graves m Teunessee; a ñttli, The tíook of Gold,- a Christmas Story, by J. T. Trowbridge, a capital poem ; and a üixth, The Fhillippine Islands. The seriáis are : Erema, or My Father's Sin, by E. D. Blackmore ; chapa. I.- VI. ; A Woinau-Hater, part VI. ; Peat-Fields, chapa. -XI., by Miss Thackeray ; aud Garth, by Julián Hawthorne. There are a nurnbor ot lesser stories, a Letter of Mr. Gladstone to Gen. Schenck, concerning certain passages iu the Americau case laid before the Geneva Arbitrators, aud poeins by Saxe, Aldrich, Bishop Coxe, Paul Hayue, aud others. The EJitor's Departmeuta, especially the " Drawer," are fllled with good thiugs. The number begins the LiV. volume, ti a year. Haepeb & Beothees, New York.


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