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The following are the recent transfers of real estáte in this couiity, deeds ot which have been recorded in the Begister's office during the past week : John C Wood to David Henning, land on sections 80 and .'il, Pittsfield. 1-16,000. Amanda E. Woodard to Frost St. John, 83 acres off section 22, York. $3,300. Jacob Horning to Jacob Horning, Jr., 40 acres off section 16, Manchester, f 1,400. Edward Reimold to Catherine Keimold, undivided half of 40 aerea off soction 33, Lodi. $1,000. Samuel T. Dentón to Fhebe A. Cole, part of lot 17, Ypsilantl. $600. Eebecca A. Hollawny to F. D. Cumings, lots 1 nnd 2 in block 7 of E. Congdou's addition to Chelsea. $600. S. H. Douglas to M. C. B. K. Co., part of lot 6 in block 17, Ormsby & Page'B addition to Ann Arbor. $275. II - III St. NicholaSt for December, is pléthoric in its pages and profusa and capital in ita ïllustrationa. The frontispiece, " The Heart of Winter," drawu by Thoa Moran and engravefl by F. S. Kiug, is a superb picture Among the good tniugs ure : The Boys of My Boyhood, by William Cullen Bryant ; A Clock in the Sky at NiLht, by Richard A. Proctor , His Omi Maater, the ñrst iustallment ot a new serial, by J. T. Trowbridge ; Poema and Garol8 of Winter, by Lucy Larcora, tive illustrations ; The House of Santa Claus, a Christmas Fairy Show for Suuday Schools, by Edwanl Ëgleston ; Christmas Storiea, by Susan Ooolidge, Lucretia P. Hale, Rebecca Harding Davis, Olive Thorne, and othera ; Christmas poem8, Chrisfmaa pictures. etc. No wonder that Si. Nicholas ia a favorita with all the boys and girls- big and little. Í3 a year. Scbibnek & Co., New Yurk. Si Nivholas aud the Arqus for t3.75.