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Truth From Louisiana

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J. W. Dedrick, boing sworn, testified : I am a physician and a planter. I reside in Ward Twelve, Parish of West Feliciana. I am a Conservativo in politica, and voted the Dem )- cratic-Conaervative ticket at last olectioii. I was present all election day at the poll near Starr bil), in Seooad ward. When there I utither faw nor heard any diaturbance. The election paescd off in peace and qniet in tho stricteat sense of the word. The canvass preceeding the election was earnest aid activo ; all clasaeB taking an activ part in it. The colored people were alienated irom their foimer party leaders owing to tho corrupt adminiütratioa of the Utter, their dishonesty, iueompetency, nd even criminality. Weber and Swajzie, who have representad West Feliciana in the Legislatnre, are genorally behevcd to have been guilty of the assassination of W. D. Winter, a prominent lawyerof theparish. Weber has ha3 ignorant and corrupt pólice jurors appointed aud has profitod pecuniaciy hf this. It h well known by the colored peop! that tho ecbool fuuds had b30ncmbezzled; that two auceoseive Treasurers of tho board were ao iguorant au to bo birely able to write their names: that the taxes for pariah pnrposos exceeded the State taxea by 23 milis. These facta were kept Iwsfora the colorpd people during the canvass, and thty weie nrgod to join the wLites who had a c mmon intreit with tbem in remcdying theee oviU. The ouly difficulty met with in iuducing them to Jjiu the Democratie clul3 was the moral intimidationin which they were kept I y thir party leiders. They have been told bat if tliey voted the Democratie ticket tbey would lose their righte, that they would be put back into ül&ycry again, I know of oaly one prominent citizen beiDg killed for political opinions in the parieh duriug the past twelve months ; this was Mr. C. T. West, the Democratie candidato fer Sheriff. Croad examinod - I never knew of any bull! dozers or regnjtors exoept those commnncled by Col. Fi-ank Towers in the fall of 1875. I'owera was a Radical ; was soon after appointed Tax Collector of East Feliciana through Weber'a inñueuce ; kuew of no negroes being hung in the parish during the last twelve moiiths. All the negroes on my place belonged to a Democratie club, and voted the Democratie I ticket voluntarily. I have always treated them kindly. Tüey respected me and my advice; had perfect cenfidenca in me. Tho negroes of the pariBh are indebted to the whites for many kindnesaes, and would long since havo trusted and confidïd in thom bnt for the evü influence and advico of Weber & Co.


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