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Christmas And The Jews

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The Jewish Messenger opposes ths celebration of Christmas by Israelites. It says : "Without saying a word iu disparagement of a festival thftt has such holy and sweet recollections for Chr stians, and a ceremony that is innocent in itself, and gives groat pleasnre to yornig and old, we simply aak, is it consistent for would-be liberal Jews, who have pews in a temple and f amily plots in a Jewish cemetery, who fall in a rage when they notioe the Jows asperned ia the presa - and who probably object to their daughters and sons visiting frequently among Christians - to negkefc Jewish festivals and ceremonies havicg a biblical origin, aud indulge in Christmas, that is distinctivtily anti-Jewish! To remember the exodus f rom Egypt by eating unleavenod bread is barbarous, oí course; but they will keep a day whose origin is proolematical, just becada Christians keep it. To celébrate the giving of the law by a display of flowen in home and synagogue is antiquated ; but these Jews will walk Fifth avenue on Easter Suuday with violets in their coat lappel, becanse it is the fashion among .young Christians so to act Channca'lights are to be tabooed, bat Christmas trees are fully in order."


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