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The Legislatura of tbis State met in regular biennial session on Weduesday. The Senate effected au organization by electing : Secretary - James H. Stone, of Port Huron. Euiolling and Engrossing Clerk - J. L. Frisbee, of Hillsdale. Arins - Chas. H. Perkins, of Grand Rápida. Assistant - Moaes B. Houghton, of Oscoda. The rules of the last Senate were adopted, the Secretary and Engrossing Cierk authorized to appoint an Assistant, and the President authorized to appoint six messenger boys and a fireman. The House organized by electing : Speaker - John ï. Rich, of Lapeer. Clerk - D. L. Crossman, of Inghain. Eurolling Clerk - Horace R. Hulburd. Sergeant-at-Arms - Wm. K. Childs, of Vashtenaw. The message of ei Gov. Bagley was ead in joint convention at 10:30 A. M., 'esterday ; and the inaugural of Gov. Croswell is to be read at 10.30 a. m., today. - The Republican Senatorial Cauous was held Wudnesday evening, Bagley'a name withdrawn, and Senator Ferry unanimously ncminated.


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