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The following are the recent transfers of real estáte iu this county, deeds ot which have been recorded iu the Begister's office during the past two woeks : Isaac C. Stanton to Patrick McQuillen, 40 acres off section 15, Dexter. $2,060. Ozem O. Perry to Chas. A. Haviland and Maria A. Cadwell, 80 acres off section 10. Lodi. Ï8.000. Wm. Bramby to B. P. Copeland, a piece of land adjoining lot (i, between Huron street and M. C. B. B., Dexter. $220. Chas. H. Kenny to Chipman Smith, 94 acres off section 4, Pittsiield. $5,200. George W. Littlefield to Loren Babcock, lot 2 iu block 15, Chelsea. $200. Harvey Bennett to Alfred Miller, lots 22 and 23 in Bennett's addition to Saline. $200. Joseph McMahon to Sarah L. Hoy, lot 17 iu block 27, Manchester. $150. A. B. Wheeler to W. W. Gooding 12 1-2 acres off section 13, York. $489.12. John Naylor to Andrew Fahrner, 5 acres in Northfield. $175. Christian Klaeger to John Geo. Klaeger, 90 acres off section 36', Scio. $1,110. Anson C. Town to Lucy A. Town, lot 16 in Hemphill's addition to Ypsilauti. Ï7Ö0. Jas. Conaty to Bose Conaty, lot 17 in block 5 of J. M. Congdon's second addition to Chelsea. $400. Boswell B. Gates to L. Bmeline Gates, land off section 7 in Lima and section 12 iu Sylvan. $5,000. Win. W. Dorr to Augusta E. Dorr, 20 acres off section 9, Sharon. $950. Uriah Arnold to Jasper N. Arnold, 60 acres off 24, Bridgewater. $1,200. O. W. Holtto Almon Vedder, 110 acres off sectiou 26, Augusta. $4,000. P. C. AlvorJ to Michael Hansey, 30 acres oft section 22, Manchester. $780. Wm. Wagner to J. F. Stierle, 80 acres off section 23, Sdiine. $3,000. Thomas S. Van Devort to Thomas Van Devort, 160 acres off sec. 15, Superior. $8,000. James B. Jones to Edward J. Bolio, lot on Forest street, adjoining Huron river, Ypsilanti. $3,000. Elizabeth C. Jedele to John Jedele, 100 acres off sectiou 5, Lodi. $6,000. Almon Vedder to O. W. Holt, 110 acres off section 28, Augusta. $4,000. Phebe Bagley to Arnold Mclntyre, 160 acres oft section 12, Superior. $8,000. A. W. Snodgrass to Mary E. Snodgrass, 1 acre in southeast corner of the township ot Ypsilanti. $400. Henry Hines to Chas. Dean, 80 acres off section 17, Sharon. $3,300. Leander Stiles to L. L. Hayden, part of lot 236 in Hunter's additiou to Ypsilanti. $300. D. E. Doaiie to Henry L. Bailey, lots 8 and 9 iu block A, Eastern addition to Aun Arbor. i,ooo. W. W. Nichols to D. Cramer, lot and store on Main street, Ann Arbor. $3,000. W. W. Nichols to Anna E. Nichols, houso and lot on Liberty street, Ann Arbor. $1,600. J. T. Jacobs to Wm. Bodda, house and lot on North State street, Aun Arbor. $1,800. Henry L. Bailey to Frank S. Packard, !ot 8 in block A, Eastern addition to Anu Arbor. $500. Henry L. Bailey to E Hill, lot 9 in block A, Easteru addition to Auu Arbor. $ü00. Bsee Gillett to Oscar Loveland, 4 acres off section 14, York. Í280. C. A. Haviland to W. W. Cadwell, 80 acres off section 10, Lodi. $4,400. As an ounce of prevention i better than pound of cure, it will be the part of wisdom for the Legislatura of Miohigan to examine the law relative to ulections and the oanvass of the rotes, and if under that law it be possible for any man or set of men to prevent an honest count of the votes aotually cast, the possibility should be removed by the neoessary logislation. The suggestiona of Governor Croswell on the general subject are thoughtful and timely. - Free Prem. The number of logs put into the two laken last season was comparatively sinall, but there is promise this winter that an unusually large amount will go in. If all that is contracted is put in, it will keep all our milla employed at their utmost oapacity, and then they will not be able to fill the deinand. The amount of the prospeotive out is variously estimated at from 20,000,000 to 25,000,000, but this is undoubtedly large, as estimates usually are. But if it reaches 15,000,000 to 18,000,000 it will furnish sawing for all our milis