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ANNUAL STATEMENT For the year ending December 31st, A. D. 1876, of the condition aud afl'airs of the GERMÁN FARMERS' MUTUAL FIRE INSURANCE CO. Located at Scio, organized under the laws of the State of Michigan, and doing business ín the couuty of Washtenaw, in said State. SIMON P. HIRTII, Pieaident. Wm. F. BUSS, Seeretary. MEMBKRSHIPS. Number of mcnibera December 31st of previous year, 745 Nuiuber f members acided during the present year, 74 Total, 819 Deduct number of members withdrawn during u the year, and caucelwi policies by reason of sale orotherwise, 16 Number of meiubera now belonging to Company, 8ü3 EXSK8. Amount of property at risk Ueccniber ülat oi" previous year, $2,177,367 00 Amount of risks added duriüg the present year, 106,932 00 Total, 2,374,299 00 Deduct risks cancelcd, withdrawn, or terminatud' "'r "uy company, $2,308,034 00 BBSOVBCB8. Amount of premium or deposit notes now in force, none Amouut of cash premiums or assesaments actually on hand, none Amount of outstanding aasessments not cauoeled, uooe Nature and amount of all oth er resourcea, viz : none Total resources, none LIABILITIKS. Claims for losse due aud payaable, none Claims for loases not matured, none Clatnis for losses resisted, none Nature and amount of ali other claims, viz: Borrowed money by company, 8635 56 S035 56 INCOMK. Araount of premium on deposit notea laken duriug the year, DODe Ammiiit of cash premiums received during the yoar, none Atnount collected on asstsaments which were levied during the present year, none Amount collected this year on assesbments which were levied in prior years, 89 19 Amount received from membership or policy fee8, 235 25 Amount received from percentage on increased or decreased insurance, none Income from all other sources, viz: froni moucy loaued, interest, ■ 28 81 Total income for the year, $3,13 23 kxpkndItures. Amount paid for lossen durlng the year, (of which ,628 00 occurred in prior years), 3,729 45 Amount of salary and fee paid to Officera and directora, as per items in Scbenule A, 238 05 Amount of all other eipendituren during the year as per schedule B, 60 80 Total expenditures during year, $4,028 30 SCHEDULE A. NAMS OF OFFICKR OR DIBECTOK tO WIIOM PAID. Simon F. Hirth, President, $17 00 Wm F. Buss, Secrctary, 51 50 John Schenk, Treasurcr, 30 50 Jacob Jedele, Director, 39 J0 A. L. Feldkamp, " 18 00 Michael ötaebler, " 19 00 Jacob Kaab, Agent, 29 00 Mich&el Schenk, Agent, 19 00 John Kepilr, Agent, 9 00 Daniel Heininger, " 2 00 Jacob Kaab, collecting fces of outstanding asseasments, 62 Jacob Jedele, " " " 40 John Keppler, ' " " 30 Wm. Aprill, " " " 1 97 John Schenk, " " " 26 Total Schedule A, 238 05 SCHEDULE B. ITEMS OF "ALL OT1IKB EXPENSES." Printing bilí for advertislng lastycar's report, 12.50 " " " annual meeting, 2.35 For the uae of the house í'or annual meeting, 3.00 New blanks for polui'-s, 13.50 " " " appiications, 4.00 For thc use af the house lor annual meeting, 3 00 New blanks for polloies, 13 50 u " applications, 4 00 Stationory, 1.50 Share of assessinent returned, 2.40 " " " 40 Interest paid on borrowed nioney, 21 15 Total Schedule B, 60 80 MISCBLÏ.ANEOUS QUESTIONS. 1. How many assessinents have been made during the year? Aus. None. 2. What la the amount of all the assessments made during the' year? Ans. None. 3. What is the rate per cent of such assessmenU on the property insured ? Ans. No per cent. 4. What is the rate per cent of such asaessments on the premium or deposit notes ? Ans. No per cent. 5. What araount was re-assessed for assewments that wcre not paid? Ans. None. 6. What aniount ol loases aje allowed to accumulate before an asaeasmeut is levied? Ans. No certain amount. 7. Poes the company, in making an assessment, provide therein for auy surplus fund over the actual loases accrued ? Il so, how mueh ? Ans. Not always ; although there may be left sonietimea a certaiu amouut froui an ussessment in treasury of the Company. 8. What pronortion of the actual loss sustained by a policy noluer does the Compony pay ? Ans. The full loss suslained. STATE OF MICHIGAN, COUNTY OF WASHTEMAW, ƒ ' Siraon F. Hirth, President, and Willinm F , Btus, Secretary of saia Company, do, and each for liiuiself doth deposc and say, that they have read the forcgoinK statement, and know the contents thereof, and they have good reason to believe, and do bclieve, safd statement to be true. SIMON F. HIRTH, President. Tm. F. BUS8, Secretary. Sworn and subscribed before me, at Aun Arbor, in said State and county, this 15th day of January, A D 1877. ELIHU B. POND, Notary Public, Wahtenaw Connty, Mich.