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John E. Bolles to. Harriet F. Bolles, land off section 1, Sylvan. Y100. Patrick Trainor to John Trainor, 2 acres off sectiou 6, Northfield. $200. Jonas W. Botsford to Cornelia McStay, lote in block 6, Chelsea. $1,000. Bryan Galligan to Eugene Galligan, 80 acres off sectiou 36, Northfield, $6,000. David and J. D. Eoberts to E. C. Roberts, land off section 11, Salem. $400. John Gilbert to Hannah W. Steyens, lot 244 in Hunter's addition to Ypsilanti. $225. John Cunningham to Christopher Beahan, land off section 9, Scio. $700. Thomas J. Eaman to Alonzo B. PaTmer, house and lote on Ann street. Aun Arbor. $3,000. Benj. Curtis to Eobt. H. Hardy, 36 acres off section 23, Augusta. $1,000. John Clancy to Daniel Boss, lot near corner ot Second and North streets. Ann Arbor. $150. John Costello to Evan Marsh, 82 acres off sectiou 5, Scio. $3,300. Sidney O. Bathfon to W. and J. F. Graf, 60 acres off section 15, Pittsfield. $3,800. Christopher Beahan to John Cunningham, 55 acres off section 9, Scio. $2,500. Green Cowan to Merrick F. Crafts, 55 acras off section 14, Sharon. $650. Lester L. Waruer to O wen McClain, 80 acres off sectiou 13, Lima. $5,500. Ann Crampton to George S. and Charles B. Crampton, lot 5 in block 4 uorth in range 14 east, Ann Arbor. $250. Heirs of Justin Corwin to Horace Seekell, 70 acres off section 17, York. $3,600. Hl lli 1 The Eev. J. H. Burnham, of Saginaw City, was one of the passengere on the ill fated train whioh went tbrough the Ashtabula bridge. Mr. Burnham went with the train to thebottom of the gorge, but fortunately escaped without a single bruise or scratoh, although he was somewUat lame next day. Teddie Eynd, nged nine, son of Dr. Rynd, of Adrián, had his right shoulder crushed by a vioious heifer in the stable of Mr. Jas. Redmond, master blacksmith at the Lake Shore shops, Saturday last.The lad was in oompany with his uncle, an Ohio farmer who had gone to look at stock, and entering the animal' stall was crushed against the partition. The Ontonagon Miner advooates the establishment of a State mining school in the Upper Península by setting aside for that purpose the proceeds of the sale of State lands or the epeoific taz on copper and iron. Wristlet partios are the latest, and the number that are being held in the State is increasing day by day. The ladies furnish the wristlets, each pair being numbered. One of each pair is put in a box and sold to the gentlemen, who become the partners of those wearing oorresponding numbers. 1


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