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A Woman's Fight With A Hawk

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The wifo of Samuel Kieffer, residing noar Liijnbach's mili, Ruscoinbrnanor oownship, about one mile from Fleetwood, killed a large ckicken-hawk the other day by mam strength. Mts. Kieffer, who is about 65 years of age, heard a noise among the chickens n'-ai' the barn, and upon going out discovered a hawk perched upon au old roostor weighing about tive pounds, and trying U) carry tho chanticleer into tho air. Mih. K. rau, with tho intention of frighteniDg oiï thu hawk. The latter showed no incliiitttion to leave, but persisted iu holding on to the rooster with its claws and fiattering greatly. The olil lady, not at all apprehensive of danger, seizcd tho -hawk by the neck and strangled him. The hawk showed battle, and Jacerated her hands -with its olaws in a terrible manner, but she olung unto the nock of the bird until life was extiuct. The hawk measured tive feet four inches from tip to tip of the wings. - {Pa.) Eitgle. Giordano Bbtjno, who was burned in Eoiau fot his p'intheist, in 1600, is to have a monument if money pnongh eau bc raÍHo.1. Sx buadred Í'"-" '"■" J''V beRn subsyábod.


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