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Second-hand Air

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There are aome things, says tho Ivew York Tribune, tliat are almost as good at seconii-hand as uher. bought new. Furnitare, for instance, that has been carefully kept, is moio prized by many people than that -wliic i is fresh irom the shop. Diamonds do not lose their laster or their value by being handed down through generations of fair women. Fine laces are treasured as among the moet precious of heir lcoms. Even food serve d up the seoond time might bc quite as savory and nafvit.inns as when ürst brought 011 the table, and a nice garment made over now is not despiscd ; but second-haixl air_is it to be for a moment tolerated 't Wliat is seeond-hand air Í It is air that Las passed through oue, two, or more rairs of lung.s, to which it bas largoly giveB up its most precions elsmeut, aucl from which it bas received a load ot efifete animal matter in tbe shape ot_ carbonio acid gas, one of the most poisonous of gases. It has aleo reoeiyed tbe exhalations of tbe body, and has become to a greater or less extent loaded with excremeiititious matter, and more futed to fertibze barran land thau to sustain lifo.


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