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gettiug iu a tight spot. The work of oounting the Electoral oommenced yesterday. Florida will be the first snag run against. Arkansas and Maine are the only two States that gave a full Senatorial vote against the Electoral count bill. But TWO Indiana Republican mamben of the House, and four New York Republican meuibers, voted for the Electoral count bill. Tally ONE for Senator Sharon, of Nevada and California. Seldora in his seat he was accidentally there just in time to vote for the Electoral oount bill. Gone TO MEET Blaine : Ben Hill is the man, and they meet in the Senate chamber. Blaine extended the hand of welcome on Hill's first visit. Senator Eaton, of Conn., was the only Democratie Senator who voted against the Electoral count bill. He based his vote on con,stitutioual objections. The Legislature adjourned on Friday evening last to Tuesday evening iiext, February 5, - to peruait the coinmitteos in charge to visit the various State iustitutions. But OXE Ohio Republican inember of the House voted for the Eleotoril count bilí, - Mr. Foster. Three Ohio Demócrata, - Hurd, Popploten, and Vanee voted against it. DAWES, of Massachusetts, made a speech against the Electoral count bilí and then voted for it. He was n't exactly prepared to ignore the public opinión of th oíd Bay State. Colorado, youngest of States, is now wrestling with the womau suffrage queátion, and a constitutioual amendment giving wonian the ballot is to be voted upon at the nuxt election. Give us rest : our advice to those mumbers of the Legislatura who manifust a desire to hand their ñames down to fame in this or that amendinent to the compiled laws. Permanency is botter than change, - with no guaranteed iinprovements. By A TOTE of 19 to 12 the New York Senate has resolved that Hayen and Wheelor have been legally elected and ought to be inaugurated. Now let the tripartite tribunal adjourn and the peopie all bow down in token of acquiesence. The House reached a vote on the Colorado member on Wednesday, and the mujority report declaring Colorado a State and Mr. Belford entitled to a seat was adopted. He was immediately sworn in, - as he sbould havo been ou the first day of the session. Tjie MlCIIIOAN members voted on the vor - Hessrs. Bradley, Durand, Potter, A. S. Williams, and W. B. Williams,- two Demoorats, one independent, and twree Republicana. Against - Messrs. Conger, Hubbell, and Waldron, all Repu blicans. SenATDB Ciiristiancy made a brief and convincing speech in favor of the Electoral count bilí, and (for once) voted as he spoke, - in favor of it. Senator Ferry did not vote at all, though thu Congressioiial Record shows that bis nanie is rarely ever oinitted on roll cali. Was it modesty that made hitn duinb, or what. Echo answers, what 'i As finally constituted the joint tribunal or tripartite oomniission, ib which is vested, by the Eectoral count bilí, the the decisión in case of two or more returns froin a State, is as follows: Senatora Edmunds, Morton, and Frelinghuysen ; Representativas, Hunton, Abbott, Qarfield, and Hoar ; Aasociate Justices Clifford, Miller, Field, Strong, and Bradley. Justico Clifford presides over the commission. - ii ■. fr - ii Speaker Randall set himself a good example, pending the roll-call on the Electoral count bilí, in announcing that he " would exercise his oonstitutional privilege and vote as a Representativo from Pennsylvania." There is no reason why the Speaker should not voto on every cali of tho roll. Iu being Speaker he does not cease to be a member, and the district he representa is deprived of its voice by bis silence. William Beach Lawkence, one of the ablest legal writers and authors in the country, has written a letter to Senator Kuruan, of New York, discussing clearly and oxhaustively the Oregon contested elector. Mr. Lawrence ronches the conclusión that the disqualification of Watts was of such a nature as to make it the duty of Qov. Grover to withhold a certifícate of election from hiin and give it to Cronin. His reasoning is strong if uot entirely convinoing. TlIE Supreme Court of the United States bas just decided that. uu officer resigning his position continuos to be an officer until his suecessor is appointed aud qualified as provided by law. This decisión doesn't relieve Watts, the Oregon elector, from ineligibility on the day he was appointed to flll a vncancy caused by his own rosignation or failure to elect. His successor had oot qualified on the 6th of December, if he had been appuinted. A'D TUIS is how President Grant extiuguishes the advocates of the right of tho President pro tempore of the Senate to decide between disputod returns: " While the history of our country in its oarliest period shows that the President of tho Sonate has counted the votes and declared thoir standing, our whole higtory shows that in no instance of doubt or dispute has he exorcised the power of deciding, and that the two housos of Congress have disponed of all suoh doubts and disputoB." To which the Dotroit Post will exclaim. " He's sóld out," "he's a traitor," etc.


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