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Twenty Years Ago

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ï've ftanÁcifed in the villü#e, Torn, ÏVe eat benenth tne tree 5Són tïic Bcïlool-house play-ground, which P-heltered you and me. teirt none frere there to greet ine, Tom, " And few were left to know Thai played with ns upon the green, Some twenty years ago. The green is juet ns green, Tv-ïü" - Barcfooted boys M Uy Ware Bpocttfift intt as we did thew,"' Wilt! spirits just as gay ; Bnt the master aleeps upon the hill, Vhioh, coated o'er with suow, Afl'orded us a sliding-place,J Juut twenty years ago ïlie old Bchool-housfi ia Rltf'i'ed now, The beuches re roplaced By new oncr, Very likr the eame Our pen-knif e had deiaceu ; But the same old bricka are in the walls, The bell swiugs to and fro, It's music just the same, dear Toni, Ah twenty years ago, The spring that tmbbteá "ncath the hill, Close by tile sprfeíidilig beec-li, Is vtry low-twas once ko high, Tïkftt t could alïiiost roacli; Attd knroling down tó get a driWfc, Dear Toüi, t B.tarted bo? To ee hoV niirai rhat htixl VahgGtl, Steoe 'tVety yms ttg. Near hy the spring, upon the elm, You know I cut your name - Your eweetheart'e juet beneath it, Toni, And you did mine the same. Sonie lieartleBB wretch hath peeled the bark, "["was dying, Bure, but Blow, Just as the one whose name we cut, Died twenty years ago. My eyellda had boen dry, Tom, But tears came in my eyes ; I thought of her I loved so well, Those early, broten ties- I visited the old churchyard, " And took soiue flowers to streV Upon the graves of thof-f. we lnf Some twenty .yesw-a ftjïtX Some re tlft tlie diurcïiyard laid, Some sleeii beneath the sea- But few aï-e left of our old clase Ëxcepting yóu and me And when onr time shsll ïoiiie, Toni, And we are icWeÜ. to go, ï hope the-'ll lay us where we played, ÍHtst twenty years ago. i.


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