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The Pay Of Lecturers

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Mr. B. Kedpath, oí' Boston, rnakes all Henry Ward Beecher's engagements, and it is stated that lie lias hiin down this season for eiglity lectures, at $500 each, or $40, 000 in all. Theodore Tilton lectured eight months last year and oleared about $9,000. His terms, wlien lie makes special engagements, average $150 per niglit. Dr. E. H. Chapín commands from $125 to $150 in the lecture rooin, and delivers about forty lectiires during the season. George W. Curtis is out of the field for the present. Wendell Phillips will not go more than a days' joumey from his home. Hip price is $200, but he frequently takes less, even when that sum is agreed upon, il' the audience is not large enough to pay. Gough takes better than any other man on the lecture list except Beecher, and can get,from $200 to $250 each for all the lectures he is able to deliver. Frederick Douglass averages about forty nights in the season, and his price is $100. Prof. Doremus, the chemist, commands from $150 upward, according to the elaborateness of his illustrations. Du Chaillu is expected back from Europe in time for the season. He does not demand more than $115, and will not take less. Dr. Hempworth, Dr. Gallaher, and Dr. Hayes, the Arctic explorer, command each $100. The Eev. Robert Gollyer, of Chicago, is a favorite, and easily gets $125. Frank Beard, the artist, gets $100. John G. Saxe is at present on the invalid list, but when able o lecture his price is likewise $100. Ladies who succeed on the platform command almost as high figures as men. Grace Greenwood can get flfty engagements at $100 each. Mrs. Abby Sage Eichardson asks the same amount. Mrs. Waller is good for $125 to .$150 every niglit. Anna Dickinson tops them all. The price that successful lecturers now ask and get is exorbitant in comparison with the figures befare the ivar. Up to 1860, the most popular leoturer in the country could not command more than $60, and very few could get that sum. Beecher often lectured for $40 or $50, and considered himself well paid.


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