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Young Statesmen

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The members of the State Government oí Illinois are all comparatively young men. Tlieir nativity and ages are as l'ollows : Shelby M. Cullom, Governor, bom in "Wayne county, Ky., in 1829, is 48 years old. Andrew Shumim. Lieutenant Governor, born in Lancaster county, Pa., in 1830, is 47. George H. Harlow, Saeretary of State, born ia Saokett's Harbor, N. Y., in 1830, is 47. Edward Kutz, State Treasurer, born in Baden, ( f rmany, in 1828, is 49. Thomas B. Needies, Auditor, born in Mouroe couuty, 111., in 1835, is 42 ; J. K. Edsall, Attorn- y General, born in Wiudham, Green county, N. Y., in 1831, is 4ti. Betubns made to the Bureau of Sta tistics at Washington show that durioi the month of January, 1877, the total ex ports of beef from the poit of New Yor iunountod to 4,567,033 ptmnds, valuod u $411,619. Of the total ejppytB, l,976,0Q poniifls, valued. at $185,550, poneisti Fr#ühbeef(iD céingeratoyg). ffldoh I


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