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Democrats! See Calls For City

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vention and Ward Caucuses. TnE Senate adjourned siiie die on Saturday, leaving several nominutions unconfirmed. The Monroe Monitor favors thn union of Monroe and Washtenaw counties in a new circuit. The Demócrata in the several townships should nomínate their best men, - from Supervisor to Constatble, and then vote the clean ticket and elect it. Ex-Gov. Bagley hankered after a place in the Hayes Cabiuet, - which reminds us of: "On what meat has this our Caesar fed that he haa grown so great" _ ' Brother-in-law Matthews has been elected by the Ohio Legislature to sucoeed Senator Sherman. And now his letters to Chamberlain and Paokard will at least be semi-offioial. Zack Chandler is reported as saying to an applicant for office seeking his aid that he has no influonco with the present Administration, and with the suggestion that the reoommendation of Horace Qreeley would be more potent. The President has refused to appoint a well-qualified and well recommended candidato for Marshal of the Northern District of Illinois, " because yoar wife is Mrs. Hayes' favorito cousin." He must get a divorue aud then fila another application. Only one member of the Pennsylvania Republioan Senatorial Caucus had independence or courage enough to vote against Don Cameron, - 128 registered the deoree of the autocrat Sitnon. The favorite game in Pennsylvania is " Simou says thumba up." The Detroit Tribune don't exactly like the resolutions adopted by the Deinocratio State Convention held at Lansing on Friday last. It was a piece of presuuiption and folly not to consult the Tribune editorB. Drawing Democratie platforms is their " best holt." Bill Howard was the man who wheeled the Michigan delegation into the Hayes line just in the nick of time, for which service he has been holding bis píate out ever sinoe the 4th o March. It is yet empty. Will Michigan Republicans pocket snch an insult ? Thompsok", the new Secretary of the Kavy, says that he never asked a man to vote for Lira, and never treated one to a glass of liquor of any kind. And Zack Chandler wonders where Thompson has been all these 68 yeara of his life. Gex. McClellan has been appointed Superintendent of Public Works of the State of New York. The New York World says " it will be recognized by everybody that ho is not only a fit man but the most conspicuously fit man in the State, to hold the new office." The postoffice at Pontiac was broken open Monday night, the safe exploded by use of povyder, and stauips, currency, and nickels bagged to the amount oi several hundrod dollars. The papers in the safe were either set on fire or fired by the explosión and destroyed, including the private papers of Postinaster Kimball. Civil service reform : appointing that rejected politioal hack, ex-Senator Boutwell, to 8uperiutend the republication of the revised statutes, and then settling Jim Tyner back in the chair of the First Assistaut Postmastor General, where he will do the bidding oi Senator Morton and other eminent reformers. THIS is a New York World conundrum ; " Suppose President Hayes should suggest having the Southern question settled by arbitration by a commission of fifteen, Packard and Charaberlain to name eight members and Nicholls and Hampton seven f " And why not, don't Hayes love the game of " eight to seven up." Humor has it that Caleb Cushing has a desire to come home from Spain, and that Gen. Sickles is likely to be his succe88or. And that's the kind of a civil service reformer President nayes is. Or is the President ignorant of the character and reputation of Gen. Sickles ? " It is to be hoped that the oountry will be spared the disgraoe of Gen. Sickles' return to Spain. " Mr. Curtís removes the bark from the Senator : " that is the expreasive heading the Tribune puts over a Harper'a Weekly article, in which George Wm. Curtis, the Miss Nancy of Republican reformers, serves up Senator Conklin g. When the name of Mr. Curtis is sent into the Senate as Minister at the Court of St. Jamas Senator Conkling will have his say. Morton decÜDed to take the chairmanship of the Foreign Affairs Couimittee vacated by Cameron, preferring to hold on to his position at the head of the Committee on Elections, - the partisan work of which he knows hiuiself adtnirably fitted for. Hamlin consented to follow Cameron, and his chairmanship of the Postal Committee was given Ferry. Why was n't Simon's place held for his son, sucoessor, and heir ? Simon Cajiekon says that he voted against the confirmation of Secretary Sherman to rumiad the ex-Senutor that some sixtuuu years ago he endeavored to prevent his (Cameron's) confirmation as Minister to Bussia; also that he voted against Secretary Schurz because of that gentleinan's opposition to his (Cameron's) promotion to the chairmanship of the Committee on Foreign Affairs. Bevenge is sweot.


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