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William Munch to Wilmor Smith, lots 84, 85, 8(i, 87 and 88, in village of Rawsouville. 12,000. Robert Geraghty to John Geraghty, 110 acres off section 6, Webstar. $3,000. Randolph Cook to Conrad Haaelschwardt, 40 acres off section 16, Sharon. $1,750. Conrad Hnielschwardt to Bandolph Cook, 10 acresoff soction 10, Sharon. $450. John Woiner to L. Grnner and C. Rominger, lot Ui in block 4 soutti, range 2 west, Maynard'a addition to Aun Arbur. $700. George B. Mize to Loyal Lorojoy, 00 acres off secüou 11, Augusta. $2,100. ChriHtian Colliu, -.on , to Wilhelm R. A. CoU lin, lots 8 n ml 9, m l'altee's uditiou to Ypsilanti. (1,200. Ihr.mi Markham to Chrintian Collin, 80 acres off ection 13, Augusta. $1,800. Audrew Ryan to John A Kelly, 3i acros off sectiou 34, Augusta, il, sik). Lewis H. Bennett to Milo B. Schaffer, lot 187, Ypsilanti. $2,000. Joseph Seckmuer to Alfred C. Torrey, 74 1-2 acres off sectiou 22, Sylvau. $3,000. Fred Row to John Lingaue, 80 acres off section 14, Sharon. $1,800. ' Henry B. Jone to William A. Jones, part of section 32, Dexter. $5,000. Rebecca Vinkle to Henry B. Jones, 35 acres off section 6, Scio. $6,500. John T. Hallock to John W. Thompson, lot on miit side of División street, between Jefferson and Madison streets, Anu Arbor. $2,400. lunar N. Conklin to Th. H. Geer, 40 acres off section 34, Auu Arbor. $2,500. Margaret Wooster to Andrew Geiger, 80 acres off section 13, Northiield. $5,200. Henry M. Colé to John H. Sperry, 5 acres off section 32, Ann Arbor. $600. Thomas G. Haight to Elias Smith, land off sections.7 and 8, Northüeld. $1,200. Alfred C. Torrey to Joseph Sectcinger, brewery property in village of Manchester. $5,200. Frederick Breitenwisher to Gottlieb Horuig, 80 acres off section 16, Freedom. $3,000. James A. Jones to Phelps and Brace, lot 246 in Harwood's additiou to Ypsilanti. $500.


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