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Hugged By A Grizzly

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Last week, a rnau named Walpole, who resides in Lassen county, had a i fearful combat with a grizzly. It appears thnt Bfrl Warpole started out early in the morning of the day on which the adventure oocurred, for the purpose of visiling a deer-lick. He had liis rifle, bowie-knife, and a large deer-hound with him, and was crossing a deep canyon,when he espied ahuge grizzly about Hfty or seventy-rive yards off. ïhe opportunity was too good a one to let pass, so he pulled up and blazed away ; but J his aim was not very accurate, and he ', only succeeded in wounding the animal, ' and beforc he had timo to reload his rifle the bear was close upon him, and there was no alternntive but to stand his ground and trust in PföVidence and in his weapons. The bear cnme right after hiui, and Wnlpole, who was on the j alert, succeeded in hitting him one on the heal with the butt of his riflo, but ere he could repeat the blow his benrshiji retumed the compliment and dealt him one on the shoulder thnt paralyzed ' liim for a second. Being now fully alive to his fdtuation, he drew his bowie-knife and mado a lnnge ut bruin and ■ cèeded ín plnnting his knife deep iu the beast's breast. This only enroged tin1 animal still more, añil, seizing his destróyer in his powtrful arms, he gave him au embrace tlmt he will not be apt to i'orget for some time, and whieh rendered him totally unconscious. He lay ! where the bear had dropped him until late in tlie afternoon, when a neighbor who was passing was attracted to tlie spot, and his astonishment may be imagined when, ujjon going a short distance from the wounded man, he found the bear deal as a door-nall. The animal meaured eleven feet in length and weighed in the noighborhood of 1,400 ; pounds. Mr. Walpole, although badly bruised, is not seriously injured, and hé says he is " a wiser if not a better man."


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