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A Wasted Life

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Cbi'istian Hanson, arraigned in ttie Pólice Court on a charge of attempt at barglary, informed the Justice that he made the attempt that he might get iiito State prisou. Being asked why he wanted to go to State prison, he answered : "Judge, I have only just eoine f rom ColumbuB, O., where I Berved ten years in State prison for burglary. I was pardoned out by Gov. Hayes, now President of the United States. My original sentence -was for twenty years. My life is wnsted and I arn a wreek. God knows 1 intended, when I carne out of prison, to live an honest life. I was pardoned out the 5tli of last month. I went to Oineinnati and triod to get work, but failed. Frorn thero I went to bnrgh, and met with no botter succegs. Then I trampecl it all the way to New York, where I had ti-iends, trying to get work fioin farmers on the way, sleepiug where I got an opportunity, and eating whenever chmitablo persons gave me ernst, My friends here, who knew me biiore I was a criminal, refuse to recoguizc me. I can't get work. I have lived n the gutter and been kicked abont. I dread to kill inyself , and so, with the horrors of prison lü' e still bef ore me, I ain obliged to go back. There is nothing else left for me." Haneon, later, said the crime for which he was convicted -vvüb robberyof the First National Bank ot Cmcinnati of $40,000 inbonds aud $5,000 in


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