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Pkocubb seeds early f rom the Bed stores. The assortmcuts are nlways the best early. Do not Iray fruit trees from the extravagantly colored pictures shown by tr.iveling agonts. Tiie wingless female of the eanker worm begins' to crawl up the trees as soon as the ground thaws. Prunino must be clone befare or wait till after the sap flows. , Use wax or pamt to cover the large wounJsA YoxiNO farmer frieud asks us what he -will do to make money. Buy a sow and pigs and take care of them. Ir young lambs are coming along about these timen those having care of them must recollect Mark xiii. 37. Cows should bc dried off from four to six weeks before calving. Give them generous food of moist hay, bot littlo gi-ain. HoHsEs that haYC been kept on hay and corn fodder caa now be gïainecl more thoroiighly pieparatory ior tue spring vork, If yon are going to set fruit trees in the spring it is time orders veré made and sent to some reliable nurseryman, as neai home as possible. Hek that plowa, harrows, oom-markers, corn-planters, seeders, singletree, harneas and eyerytking needed in putting jp orops, are in perfect repair. ManUke, ri-] i and -well-rotted, is the one Üiig nceded for the gaïdens, East, West Northor South. Have it ready in tiiïie bef ore all bands drive afleid. Let the boys, wlien home i'rom school Saturdays, build neat houses for martina blue birda and wrens, and put them up about houses, barns and fnnt yards. Insects are to be fotight at any time. Remove the egg of the tent caterpillar before Üiey hatch. They will be toand nëaï the end of the tAvigs, wmid around íike a neat band, Allow young caWes to have the milk of the cow for four or tive days. The first milk is medicinal, and ït 1 neoessary the young animáis should have ït to make them hcalthy. Fbuit trees can be proñtably -wuslicvl witli strong soap-sda or lye. Ït can bo done any timenow until the busy season commences. It killa dormant insects, removes mosses and liohen, and ïmproves the trees generall.y. The peddlers of apple trees grafted on Canada stock are humbuggers of the worst kand. Bnt the people neod not be humbuggcd unless thcy want to be. it is a free coimtry, and none of their natural rights should be taken. Bkeewin bows should have potatoe or suceulent food before farro wing. Put poles around the pen eight inclies from the floor and the same distance from tho sides, to keep the sows ironi overiaymg their pigs. Give hem clean, well-littered beds, but uot enough to endanger the young. Vhy in tlie olden times did men live to sucli immense ages ? It was uot permitted that meat should be caten vuitil after the flood. So, if you want to live long in the Land it is time to begin prepnxations for the early garden, for there is where many of God's blessings come from. ÏF fruit trees have been gnawed by inice and rabbits during tlie deep snows, if it does not amount to entire riddling, smooth off the torn and rough edges and paint thoroughly with grafting wax, or make a piaster of dry and fresh cow dtmg and cover thickly, and bind on with a cloth. OF HoT-BbdS. - Although fine plant of nearly all kinds oi those vegetables that require to be raised in hot-beds mav eenerally be foimd in city markets, it is better f or every farmer to raïse plants for hisown garden mliotbeds of liis om. Marcli is the most suitable montii for making bot-beds, lor the rigors oL -winter have by that time passed away, and vegetation in the open oTOtmd has not coinmenced. Farmers have generally abundant material for a hot-bed, and glass is cheap- afewsashes, sixfeet by tliree, will not cost much; but, even without glass, oelery, toinatoes, cabbage, etc., may bo gro-wn ui hot-beds covered with oiled paper, cotton cloth or mats, and exposed to sunshme in mild, warm weather. Thongh a large mimber of plants may be raised m a small bed if they are transplanted from the bed before they have receiyed damage from crowding, it is better to give the plants plenty of room by making the hotbed large and sowing the seed thin. . About tlie House. ïo Keep Moths, Beetles, etc, fbom the Clothes.- Put a piece of camphor in a liuen bag, or some 'aromatic herba in the dravers, among iinen or woolen clothes, and neither moth nor worm wilL come near theai. To pbevest ink damaging metallic pens tluw into either the inkstand or the b'ottle in which the ink is kept a few nails, broken bits of steel pens not varnished, or any piece of iron not rusted The corrosive action of the acid eonttum il in the ink will be expended in the iron introducen. Eemembeb that mirrora shoiüd never be hung vhere the, sun shines directly I upon thein. They soon look misty, grow rough or granulated, and no longer give ba-ka correct picture. The amalgaro , or union of tinfoil with mercury, whioh is spread on glass to form a lookmg-glass, is easily ruined by the direct, contmued exposure to the solar rays. Liqtjid Blue.- Take half a pomid of best doublé oil of vitriol, mix one ounce f Snanish indico pounded very fine, and crape in a little chalk ; have an ironpot ialL full of sand ; set this on the tire ; when the Rand ia hot, put the bottie in, uid Lat the vitriol, etc;, boil gently lor a quarter of an hour ; take the whole off the lire and let it stand for twenty-four aours, and then bottie it for use. Keeping Piano JSkis White.- It is said that piano keys will not tan yellow if exposed in a light room. Never close an instrument with ivory koya Throw a sheet over when sweeping and UuBtuig. Wet a soit cloth in alcohol and rub ofl all dirt then expose as muoh as K) the sunshine. If they are very yellow it will take a few wcks to restore tb e ongiual whiteness. To facilitate Üie proeesB re-wet with alcohol once or twice, thoügh they will whiten without m time. HOW TO 0M5AN BtiANKETS.- Put tWO large faiblc-spoonfuls of boraxaud a pint bowl of soit soap into a tob of cold water Wlien dissolved, put m a pair of blankets and let them remain tliere over niffht. Ncxt day rul) Üham out and rmse, thoroughly in two waters, anOhang them to dry. Do not wring them. ïhis recipe will also apply to tl.e ot all kinds of flanncls and woolen goods. It is equally vmoirá m washing Iaoe curtAins and mosquito bars. Keinember not to wring the article washed. Invimably use cold water.


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