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A Thrilling Scene

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Leaning on my husband's arm, I was walking on the Kne de la Paix, about one block from the Vendóme column, and was looking up nt the column itself, admiring the effect produoed by the dark bronze of the sliaft against the gold-ftnished luie of the sunaet sky, tlie hour being about 5 in the afternoon. Üuddenly down the face of the column feil a human form with white and black draperies fluttermg in the air ; it Btruck the wreath of immortclles that snixounds the column at its junctnre witli the pedestal, and rebounded with suoh force that it was thrown olear over the rniliug that suiTounds the base, and feil into the center of. the outside pavement. I could not realize for a moment that I had really beheld that awful spectacle - a human being self-hurled into etemity - but sucli was indeed the meaning of whíit 1 liad neen. In a moment the prostrate figuro was surrounded by a dense crowd. The emotion of the spectators was extreme, and one old lady burst out erying in lier agitation. The victim was a youug and neatly-dressed woman. She lay prone on the pavesaent as she had fallen, but no trace of blood or mutilation was visible, as one of the by standers had drawn her water-proof cloak nround her shattf-red head, that having been the point that first struek the pavement. Her shoes, a neat pair of black lasting boots, had been forced from her feet by the fall, showing cleiin white stockings of a quality nevcr Wprn in Franee by the working classes. Öne oí fier gar terg, jerked off by the fall, lay near her - a dainty blue silk aftair, with a gilded clasp. Slio had, as 1 af U-rw:r l lenrned, gone most deliberately to work to execute her purpose. She had concealed i camp-stiool nader her water-prerbf before muliing the ascent. Arrived at the top, she had profited by a moment when the guide was búaied iu pointing out certain objeets of interest in the view to aiujthcv party, had then gone around to the opposite side, had placed Jier rampstool there, monnted npoh it, and o con' trived to clamer over the high railing. 1 passed by the spot an hour later. The body had long since been removed, and i ie crowd was gone ; but a few byst: meiers lingered under the darkening ky, looMng alternately up at the suirtmit of the gigantic shait that towered .l"r them :iui down at two crímson stáhiB Upon the pavement, Upon whicU gravel had been hastily strown, but wliidi still revealed a dusky and ominous red throúgh the pebbtes and Band thnt tried


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