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Troops Withdrawn From Alaska

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One of the fïrst acts of Secretary of Wnr McCrary was to order the remo val of tho troops uow stationêd in Alaska. This is not odIv a mensure of wise economy, but one of rent humanity to the soldiers who have been kept there for the past few yenrs. The. foree lias eonsisted of two cpmpaiiiès of infantry, and luis jmmlxri'd trom eighty to 150 men. Owing to the soverity of the climatc and other ctfbsea, which will bo understood by those familiar witli the eharaotev of tlie people of Alnskn, it hos been found impracticable to keep the santé troops in Hitka more tluiu a year ut ti time. 'I 'hey are of no practical use, ns tliere is no duty to porform, nud, if it wdh néoeepary to use foree to keep the natives in order, no provisión for transporting troops to the different islands ha ever been milde. Th' extra expense of the military occu}):iticm of Alarfki; is about .50,000 a year. It coste about $10,000 to transport the troops there frorn a station on tlie Puciii. eonst, about 10,000 more to bring them back agnin at the end of the year, and from S20,0()0 to 30,000 a year 'has to bo puid for the t.ran.sp,)rtntion of subsistcnc.' and other stores. The öecretary of tlie Treattury will issue orders to the revenue-marine offieers stntioned in Alaska to use their vesscls and men for preserving order among the


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