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The Feat Of A Crazy Gymnast

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"Señor Mironde," gymnnst, eclipsed I all his prcvious tlights whilo delirioiiB f rom fé ver at New York, the other evening. He had been so violent that he was tiod to his bed, but he broke the cords, nud, with a Hhriek, iurued a somorsault through the third-story window uncí lmug to tlio oast'iuont by Iiíh liaiids, liis body swiuging to and f ro f ort y f éet aboye tiw siilcwnlk, wliilo fie ihóntèd tohis friends: "Go away ! J'll cliinl) to thc moon !" Tlien he swayecPhis body with iucreasiug rapidity and let go, but he grasped i the mete) featler of the house, went up it I hand over hand with the nsrilitv rf key, andHuddoulyphmgelfo:; ing upon the top of a shutter on tw 1floor He swung on the fragüe yj wlncli ït wasfenred wonld be forwdt' ite l.inges by l,is weight, and ' ter of the adjoining liouse xJf went leaping from shutter to Wdmv ntil the top of the stoop was when he shd down one of the p( itreet, escapiug in the cbrkuess Hp iinally cnught, Imt died next % !


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