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BUSINESS DIRECTORY. DONAUJ MACLKíVN, M. I., Phyaician and Surgeon. Offioo&ndresidence, 71 Hurón Htreet, ijiii Aroor. Oífcor. J!íMirs fruía 8 to 9 a. ni. and f rom Io3p.m. ■O.J ■. HERDMAN, M. n., Physician and Sur(I -, 'Rn. Office, Bouthwest corner Main aud Snron ritreets. Iïceideuce, 48 South State street. tácc feours from 10 to 12 a. m. and 2 to i p. m. LE. JIcFAELlMD, Surgical and Mechan, ionl DcnliKt, comer of Main and Hurón slrects (Jackson's oíd stand.) Great palns taken in ,11 oppratione entrusíed fo my care Priesa to suit jflimcs. All work warranted. Tcetli extractad .tliont pain. Office hours: 8 to 12 a. m.; 1 to 6 ,,.!-..; 7 to 8:30 p. )u. ,-r-r II. JACKSON, Dentist. Office corner of yy t Main and Wahilifrton streets, over Bach & jbel'í store, Anu Arbor, llich. Anesthotica admin■(neil if requirea. El GENE K. FRUKATIFF, Attorney at Law, .Nutary Public, and Oommissiouer of Deeds ;or recusylvania. Coneultaíion in tho Germán or Dïlishlaiiguage. Office in Kinsey and Seabolt's Ilock, Washington St., Ann Arbor. SlSKE. YOMG, Attorney aw Counselor at f I.m. Bollcitor in Cliancery, General Conveyancer, md Sotary Public. Office with John N. Gott. Abrtncts of titlc caref ully compiled. 1629 p CLAKK, Justioe of the Peacr-, Notary PubJ5j, lie and Conveyauccr. Will loan money for sllifts ou rea] state security. Office over No. 8 ]Isnm strt pt, Aun Arbor, Míen. ■tíTINES & WOKDEN, 20 South Main street, (y Anu Arbor, Micu., whoksale and retail dealm in Dry Ooods, Cárpete and Groccries. MACK & SCHMID, dealers in Dry Goods, üroceries, Crockery, ote, No. 54 South Main BACH & ABEL, deakrs iu Dry Goods, Qroceriea, etc., No. 26 South Main street, Ann irbor, Mich. Y11. WACNER, dealer in Beady-Mado Clothing, Cloths, Cassimeres, Vestings, Xrunks, ]atpetBags, etc, 21 South Main etreet. T FKEDERICK SCHAEBEBLl!, teacher of J, the PIANO, VIOUN AND GÜITAK. SesideDee southeast corner Main and Liberty tts, Ann Arbor, Mich. NOAH W. CHEEVEK, ITTORNEY AT LAW. Ollict eaet sido of Court House Square, Ann JOHN L. BUBLETGH, ittornev and Counselor at Law, No. 21 liauk Bluck, eecond floor, ANN ARBOK, . . MICHIGAN. HENRY R. HILL, UTORNEY AT LAW, And Dealer in Keu] Estáte. Office, No. 3 ODera House Block, ANN ARliOE. EYERYBODY SAYS THAT REVENAUGH 18 TOE Boss Photographer of Ann Arbor. 28 JCasl Hnron Streel, nputairs. A. H. WIISTSLOW, 32 East Huron Street, DEALER IN PiClURE FKAMES, BRACKETS AND m VIOLIN STUINUS. J. II. 2STICKELS, FBESH & SALT MEATS, Hains, Sausages, Larri, etc., ÍIADi STREET, OPPOSITK N0BTHWE8T COKNEIt OF UNIVEUSUY CAMPUS. "''irs promptly flllod. Farmers having meats ' -'iUliouldgivehim a cali. 15fi8-yl SHANAHAN & B110KAW Elave oponed a Mcat Miirkcl on IVorlfi JTSaiii St., tecdoors north of Hall & Marble's, where will b kopt a f uil line of ín'Jft and Salt 3fcof.i, Sitiokcd JJam, Sausage, JLanl, etc. AU orders promptly filled. 6mt618 THE ANN AliBOK SAVINGS BANK Ann Arhor, ]Michlgan. Rfceives depo'its of One Dollar and npwarda and ■lionFiveper cent. interest on 'all deposits reMtoing three months or loiiger. Tl'UKST COMPOUNDED SEMI-ANNUALLY. 4l'"i lm; anct sells U. 8. Bonds, Gold, BUvwand 'rest Coupons, and New York, Detroit aud Ohiiialigc. A!oseUs SiRht Drafts on Great Eritain, Ireland, ftniHuy, or any othcr part of the European ConUfat. rlis liank is orgauized under the General Bank "f! I of this St ite. The stockholdcrs are indiMuílly Hable to the amount of thcir stock, and ■ hol c-apita' is security for depositors, while "ft Banks of iseuo the capital i iuveslcd for the Wcurity of bil'.-holders. This fuct makes this Ir"itution a very safe deposit of moneys. Msrried Women eau deposit subject to their ora infts only, Money to Loan on Approved Securitles. I ÍIRECIOK3- E. A. Beal, C. Mack, W. D. Harri■". W. Deubel, W. W. Wines, D. Hiscock, W. B. Smith. OFFICEES : " JlACK. Pres't. W. W. Wines, Vice-Pres't. C. E. Hikcock, Cashier. KBEEBACH & SON, Illists iè Planacists, 12 South Main St., KetPs on haud a large and well Belected stock of DRUGS, MEDICINES, CHEMICALS, DYE STUFFS, AKTISTS' & WAX FLOWER MATERIALS Toilet Artlcle, Trusscs, Ktc. pURL WINES AND LIQUORS, Special attention paid to the iurnibhing of Phy,' ian'. Chemistc, Schools, etc, with Philosophic'al Gil ical Apparatus, Bohemian Chemical sware, Poreelain Ware, Pure Beagente, etc. !1 lioi lan8' prescription crefully prepared at


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