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The Court House Plans--suggestions

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The BoarJ of Supervisors, the Building Committee, and our citizens and tax-payers generally will find food for much and careful .hought in the article on the " Bockford Horor M copied into another column from the Chicago Post. The lesson is a timely one, and now is the time for studying it. The competiive syatein so generally resorted to in procurng plans for public buildings is not the system hat private individuals and corporations adopt wheu they propose to invest a large amount in dwelling, store, hall, or factory, and not infrequently, we will not say always, reults in extra expense coupled with a poor building, if not in such a disaster as that at Bockford. The better plan for the public or he representatives of the public, as for the rivate individual, is to select an architect ot' xperience and character, one who has been roved by his work, teil him what they want n accominodatioii and cost, leave details to lim, and hold him responsible. Fiuding uo fault with the Building Committee for adopting the usual plan, we have now the duty of urging circumspection and aution. Doii't be fooled by a taking picture ; .on't rely too implieitly on anybody's word hat a $250,000 building can be erected for the 60,000 providod ; don't accept a plan which is overed with showy and uaeless ornament to ;he sacrifice of solidity and durability ; don't )uy an elephant. Bather than do either of hesa things better reject all plans offered in coinpetition and begin anew on business priniples. And to certainly avoid either or all he miatakes referred to, would it not be well or the Building Committee to take into their coufidence some building and architectural expert, some man whose knowledge of the streugth of materials, as used in any specific plan, would furnish the basis of a sate and sound judgment. These suggestions are made before an exammation of the several plans received by the ommittee, and of course id the interest of no special plan or individual architect. They are, however, unquestionably in the interest of the public. - The Building Committee met at noon on Tuesday, and ten plans have been submitted, the arshitects or their agents appearing before them one at a tim. The plans are by : E. E. Myeri, Chas. H. Marsh, Henry T. Brush, J. A. Knapp, E. T. Broaks, M. L. Smith, and ïess & Meudehlssou, all of Detroit ; G-. W. Juuting, Iudiauapohs ; Laing & Fehmer, Chiago ; aud Arthur Marshall, of this city. We resume that the public will be given an oplortumty to inspect the several plans soon-. The Fourth Anuual Convention of the Woman's State Temperance Union, held at Jackon on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday of ast week, was largely attended. Fifty-eight Jnions were represented by voting delegates, nd many ladies were present from localities not having auxiliary Unions. Encouraging eports came in from all sections of the State, nd the addresses, papers, aud discussions were f great interest. Truth for the People, pubished at Detroit, was adopted aj the orgau of he TTnion, and the following officers were lected for the ensuing year : Mrs. B. B. Hudson, of Detroit. Correspouding Secretary - MrB. L. Allen, of Hillsdale. Eecording Secretary- Mrs. K, C. De Vere, f Lansing. Treasurer- Mrs. J. II. McKee, of Grand lapids. Good Eaters. - In the week eudiug May ó he inmatea of the Deaf, Dumb aud Blind Intitution at Flint made way with 901 loaves of read weighing 3 lbs. each, 82 pies, 40 cakes, 24 biscuit, 1 barrel of crackers, aud the Miren' don't teil us what quantity of meats, vegeables, fruits, etc. In making the bread, pies, akes, and biscuits, 9 barrels of flour and 3 mshels of potatoe were used.


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