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Ellen Morse to Ambrose Karney, house and ot ou North State street, Aun Arbor. $3,700. James Renwick to George Renwick, part of ection 22, Northfield. $900. George Benwick to James Eeuwick, 45 acres ff section 27, Northfleld. $2,700. Chas. H. Kempf to Jabez Bacon, lots 22, 23, 8 and 29, in block 2, Chelsea. $1,125. Arthur S. Congdon to Sidney S. Harrington, ot 19 iu block 16, Chelsea. $600. George B. Perry to E. P. Downer, lots 2ó and 26 in block 4, Chelsea. 550. Arthur S. Congdon to Fredk. Rodell, lots 6 nd 7 in block 2, Fenn's addition to Chelsea. 11,600. Edward N. Avery to Jas. S. Hunt, 79 acres off sections 17 aud 18, Saline. $3,400. George Sedgwick to Francés M. Reynolds, mili property in Manchester. $11,234.85. Cassandra Stephens to John Dolan, lot adoining P. Dolan's new brick store, Dexter. !2,80ü. George R. S paulding to E. L. McGee, part oí sectiou 28, Sharon. $1,500. Louise P. Gooding to Wm. R. Crane, lot on orner of Honry and Lewis streets, Saline. 11,000. Wm. and G. P. Avery to Wm. Sanford, part of section 13 in Bridgewater aud section 18 in Saline. $1,700. C. V. Whitmarsh to W. H. Whitmarah, 40 acres off section 14, Augusta. $800. Goodrich Conklin to Samuel Cushman, 80 acres off section 26, Sharon. $5,200. Robt. Foster to Jamuel J. Guerin, lots 8 and 9 in block 11, Chelsea. $G00. Alice Cornwell to John P. Baesler, part of section 18, Ann Arbor. $3,000. Edward Dancer to Jacob Hepfer, part of ots 8 and 9 in block 14, E. Congdon's addition to Chelsaa. $1,050. John Dolan to Thomas H. Dolan, 62 acres off section 30, Webster. $1,000. Reuben Kempf to Jacob Jedele, house and ot corner Washington and Fourth streeti, Ann Arbor. $1,800. Richard Goodwin to Nathan Pierce, part of SiCtious 3 and 9, Lima. $7,700, Patrick Wall to Ebeuezer Steele, part oí section 10, Northfield. $1,350. Mrs. Fanny White Challis, wife of DeWitt C. Challie, who graduated at the University in the cla8s of 1874, Literary department, a gentleman well kuown in our city, died in Sistoff Bulgaria, on the llth instant, of small-pox. Mrs. Lathrop, of Jaokeon, writes oi her to the Jacks on Citizen as foüow.s : ' Dr. Fanny White was well known in Jackson, where her devotion to, and success in her profession, and more than this, her spotless and .consecrated Ohristian life won for her the respect of all and the lasting love of many. She waa marned a year ago last f all, in the M. E. Church, of this city, to DeWitt C. Challis, and started immediately in company with her husbaud to Bulgaria as a missionary. Through all the dangers and difficulties of her life in tbat land, she has carried the same brave spirit which so characterized her here, and out of labora abundant has thus early eutered her rest. She leaves her stricke husband and a babe but a few months old in that laúd, so distracted now by war, and we are sure thai sympathy for the living will be mingled with our tears for the dead." The Markets. - Local dealers were paying these figures yesterday afternoon: For wheat, $1.90a2.00 ; for corn, 35c ; for oats, 45c ; for potatoes, $1.25 ; for apples, 45aóüc ; for beans, f 1.7öa2.00 ; for onious, ï.7óal.OO ; for hay 8alO; fot butter, 12al6c ; for lard, 12c; for eggs, 10c. Flour retails at $10.00. Joseph Binns, aged ninety-one years, the oldest citizen of Buchanan, diod on the 9th inst. Charles Burton, living near Adrián, waa arrested May 11, for setting fire to the barn of Betsy Harrison, of the town of Adrián, and committed to jail in defaultcf $1,000 bail. Hon. W. W. Woolnough, of the Battle Creek Tribune, one of the oldest and ablest of Michigan journalists, has gone to England, to yisit the scènes of his early days, from which he has been absent 42 years. At about 2 o'clock A. II., May 13, Bundy & Youman'a mili, located in the Eighth ward of East Saginaw, was disoovered on fire, and within a few minutes the whole structure was enveloped in ñames, threatening all the property in the neighborhood. Through the efForts of the Pire Department the Balt block, salt sheds and adjoining property were saved. The mili, with a quantity of lutnber, was destroyed. The loss is placed at 130,000. Incendiary.


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