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A Sea-serpent Captured

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Lato foroign papers publish a eircumstantial narrativo by a resident at Oban, ücotland, from which it nppenrs the seaserpent lias been actually captnred at shat placo. Tho correspondent writcs: "A most extraordinary erent lias ocsurred liore - the stranding and capture af the veritable sea-serpent in front of tho Caledonian Hotel, Oban. About 4 o'clock yestcrday, au animal or fish of gigantic size was seen sporting in the bay near Heather island. It was of the serpent species, carrying its head fully twenty-live feet abovo the water. A nuniber of boats were soon launched and proceeded to the bay, the crews nrmed with such weapons as could be got handy. They headed the monster, and some of tho boats were within thirty yards of it, when it suddenly sprang half a length ont of water and made for the open sea. A random fire from several volunteers with rifles seemed to have no effect on it. The boats rauged across the entrance of the bay, and, by screams and sUouts tnrned the monster's course, and it headed directly for tlie breast-wall of the Great Western Hotel. One boat hnd a most narrow escape, the animal actually rubbiug against it. A little past C tho monster took the ground on the beach in front of the Caledonian Hotel in George street, and his proportions were now fully visible. In his frantic exertions with lus tail sweeping the beach no one dared approach. The stones were flying in all directions, one seriously in j uring a man called Baldy Barrow, and another breaking the window of the Commercial Bank. A party of volunteers under Lieut. David Menzies now assembled and flred volley af ter volley into the neck, according to the directions of Dr. Campbell, who did not wish, for scientitie reasons that the configuration of the head should be dpmaged. As there waa a bright moon this continued till nearly 10 o'clock, when Mr. Stevens, of the Commercial Bank, waded in and fixed a strong rope to the animal's head, and by the eiertions of some seventy folk it was dragged above high-water mark. Ite exact appearance is as follows : Extreme leugth 101 feet; the thickest part about twenty-five feet from the head, which is eleven feet in circumference. At this part is fixed a pair of fins four feet long by nearly seven feet across. At the sides furtüer back is a long dorsal fin extending for at least twelve or thirteen feet and five feet high in front, tepering to one foot. The tail is more of a flattened termination tö the body proper than anything else. Tbc eyes are very small in proportion and clongated, and gills of tho length of two and a half feet behind. There are no external ears. Great excitement is createel, and the country people are flocking in to view it.


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