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Terrible Disaster At Sea

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The Anchor Line steamship Sidonin, bound from öueenetown to New York, recently exploded her boilers, when 800 miles out of the latter port. The Ct ptaiu of the vessel, three engineers, and three of the crew were killed by the accident. A survivor givos the followiug particular of the disaster: There was a dull explosión heard in the waist of the sliip, followed by a rush of oscaping steam, which sliook the vessel frorn stem to stern, and shattered the skylight above the engine into a tliousand fragmenta. As soon as the Btartled observers of this oocurrence could colleet their BenSM they made a rush for the engine room, the doors of which were found blown open, and, groping their way as well as they could because of the rushing, burning steam, they soon found that the only injury the vessel hiul susfeiined was to the iron bulkheads of the coal bunkers, which were foreed out of place. The broken skylight and the open doors soon carricd off the bulk of the steam, aad then it was that the groans of the seven victims of the disaster could bc answered by assistance. All unitc in saying that a more pitiful sight tlian the poor sufferers presented oonld not be iinagiued. They wero all alive, but so badly calded tlmt they were speechle8s. Their agony was bo intense, however, Üiat groans of the most heartrending desoription wero wruugfroni the strongest, and, when kiudly hands sought to lift thein, the skin, and portions of the floHh preled off at the totich of the reeonere, It was liorrible to wit ness, and thehnrdysailors whosaw their mates tlnis tortnred could not restrain tlieir tears as they spoke. But ikatli Koon put the sufferers out of their misery, although one of tliem lingered until the following morning. From no one of them was any sigu or indication receivod asto how the accident occurred, and the watery gravo to which they were all consigued has locked in its bosom another mystery. husbandthc property wliich God gave liim titleto, viz., the body, soul, aud nffectioiiB of his ■wifc. 6. Excoríate the wife, picture the wrongs of the husbaud; move the contt to tears (if possible); quote from Milton: " Till Hymen brought in love-delighted liour, there dwelt uo joy in Edeu's rosy bower," etc,, (not Bire libout that Veing from Miltou, may be from Pope or Walt Whitman; bnt uo matter); cite authoritics - Greeulenf, Bishop, aud 21 Mo. Tfroration; overeóme with emotiou; glnss of water to be ftfinded; handkerchief to be perfnmed; to havo a swallowtail coat; apostrophe to Justice. - 't. fxuis Globe-Dcmocrat.


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