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A Madman In A Railway Car

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Arnong the passengers who lolt BK Louis for tho Êat, one night reeently, was a lnrge, well-built gentleman, whose restlessness was annoying evorybody in the sleeping-coach. He retired to liis heottb without taking off coat, collar, or boot, and íell hito a doze. Wliile tlie train was speeding toward Mount Vernon, 111., at the rate of thirty miles an hour, the porter hearcl a loud noise in the car and diseovered that the qucer passenger was walking up and down between tlie bertiis and ïnaking a great racket. The porter went up to him and asked him to go back to his berth. The passenger was a raving raaniac. He glared at the porter with bloodshot eyes, and, in a frenzy of rage, felled him to the floor, and, leaping xipon him, attempted to stab him with a bowieknife. A desperate encounter followed, dviring which the porter was terribly woiuided. The conductor spiungtobh rescue, but the lunatic struck liim in the face with a heavy goblet and snapped a derringer at his head, tho pistol missing tire. With a terrible curse, lie struck the conductor with the bntt of a pistol and then fled into the drawing-room car, locking the door behind him, smashing the mirrors on the walls, and leajiing headlong from tlie platform.


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