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The State Fair Is To Open At Jackson

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on Monday next, closing on Friday. TlIE courso of military instruction in the Detroit High School has been abolished. A sensible move. The State Fair grand horno and cattle procession - to include all animale entered for oxhibition - will take place on Wodnesday next. Senator Stanley Matthews and Oen. Thomas Ewing are to make a joint canvass of Ohio, or rather to discus8 the 33U0S at a number of prominent points. Ministeb Noyes and ex-Minister Washburno attended the funeral of M. Thiers, in Paris, on Saturday last, hs did all the membere of the diplomatic corps. The funeral services were imposing. Maine went Rspublican on Monday, - re-electiug Connor Governor by about half his last year's majority. The Legislature is also largely Kepublioan. Time will teil whether the victory is a Blaine or Uayes one. Ir is claiined that the Camerons carriod the late Republican State Convention iu Fennsylvania, and that a Kepublioan Tictory in November will be the perpetuation of the Cameron dynasty. Well, are the Camerons Hayes or anti-Hayes? That's the question. J. RüSSELL JONES is the man who sat at the reoeipt of customs iu Chioago. William Henry Smith is the man who now bas oharge of gathering in the government's share of filthy lucro in that city. Jones was appointed because he was the special friend of Gen. Grant, and Smith gets the place for being an old and special frieud (down in Ohio) of President Hayes. Such is civil service reform. The Demoorats of California were the viotors in the election held on the 5th in8t., electing a large majority of the Legislatura. As tho new Legislature will elect a United States Senator, it is safe to prediot that the head of the Hon. A. A. Bargent will roll into the rubbish heap on the 4th day of March, 1879. It is almest equally safe to predict that the United States Senate wil] be Democratie after tbat date, The advooates of the protective system can find a model in Mexican legislation regulating the freight tariff ou the leading or only railroad of any magnitude in that country. These ratea are : On foreign goods, from Vera Cruz to Mexico,- first class, $76.05 por ton ; second class, $65.18 ; third class, $54.32. On native goods, - first class, $38.02 per ton ; second olass, $32.59 ; third class, $27.10. It is a great wonder Pennsylvania and Massachusetts havo n't thought of such a simple method of protecting their minera and manufacturera. TlIE Turkish Minister put a very flat and heavy foot down on that story that the Turkish General Osinan Pasha is one H. Clay Crawford, rathor a disreputable American adventurer. Ho says : " In view of tho various accounts circulating about the origin of Osman Pasha, the Turkish legation has the honor to inform the prees that the marshall of that name was born in Asia Minor, of Mussulman parents." Does tliis Turk or his legation supposo that he or they know more about Osman Pasha than the several newspapor writers who have beon corrosponding with him ? Wait until these fellows go for the Minister, - Russ liko. Won't logation feathers Üy ! JusTlCE Bradley has writton and procured the publioation of a letter denying the New York Sun'a charge that ho wrote and read to Justioes Clifford and Field an opinión and decisión giving the vote of Florida to Tilden, but that next day he read the same opinión in the CommÍ88on with a change of oonclusion, giving tho voto to Hayes. He says he inclined some of the time to one side and somo of the time to the other, but that bis final decisión was honestly arrived at and is still bolieved to be correct. We confess that we have never seen the justice of attacking Justioe Bradloy more than Justices Strong and Miller, or Senator Edmunds and his associate Republicans. It was a very mild indorsomunt th Kepublicans of Penasylvania, in convention assembled, gavo the policy of tho President, and how the convention gave even so mild an indorsement the Chicago l'ribune't special tells in this way : " It turns out that the mild indorsement of the President adoptod by the convention yesterday was agreed to in the Committee on Kesolutions by only three majority - 25 to 22. It was received with hisses on the floor, but Cameron had given his word that it should pass, and pass it did." And has it come to this, that Cameron - either Simon or Don, it matters not which - is the President's backer in Ponnsylvauia ! If his policy relies upon the support of such politioians it is a doomed polioy. Gen. Sciiofield, in oommand of the Department of West Poiut, has issuod a very stringent order prohibiting hazing, fagging, etc., prácticos which he pronounces " unbecoining an ofBcer and a gentleman." Summary dismission, with or without court martial, now stares any cadet in the face, " who shall strike, lay hands upon, treat with violonce, disturb in his room, or offer any bodily harin to another cadet, or a candidato, with a view to injuro insult, annoy, inolest or harass tho same, or who shall oompul or perniit auothor cadet or a eandiduto to sweop his room, make his bed bed, bring water, or perform any other menial service for him, or to do anything incompatible with the position of a cadet or a gentleman." The country will expect to hear that the rule is enforoed without "fear, affection, or favor." The Ypsilanti Commercial is a con vort. Hear it : " We boliovod tha Hayos was eleotcd President until h confe88ed to the contrary by his criini nal and unconstitutional course in re gard to the State of Louisiana." Am again : " The worst thing that eve happened to the Bepublican party wa the election of Hayos." The ' eleotion, why, neighbor, wo thought you hai lost that belief in his " eleotion," an even made him confes hig own defea ünoe more : " With Hayes as a miser able imitator of Tilden, the part; stands a chance of being annihilated. And both again and once more : " Un der no possible oiroumstauoes will w vote a ticket in any mannor whatove indorsing Hayes. We hare no faith in the man or his Cabinet advisers. W believe Hayos to be a weak, plastic, po litical demagogue, willing for the sak of the Presidency to throw away all th principies the Kepublioan party eve held ; to sell out (and he did) the men who porillod their al!, life itstilf, to se cure his election." Bro. Pattison, don' w-o-r-ni-i trouble your dreams 'i Under the amended liquor law, now in force, it is unlawful for any person to engage in the sale of distilled, malt brewed, or fermented liquors, withou tirat notifying the proper assessing oöi oor of hig township, city. or villago, o his intention so to do, and of the tim and place, " nor until he has algo paic to the county treasurer of the prope county, the full amount of the tax therefor," as required by the amondcc law. No oredit for the liquor tux oan be giren to any person engaging in th traiïic after the regular assossmont o the yuar has been made - that is after the first Wednesday after the third Monday in May. It is pay first, eornmenee business afterwardi. The penalty for ncglect is a fine of $100 and costs of prosecution, or in dofault of paymont of such fine and costs, 90 days, or loss, iinprisonment. All dealers mast keep their tax roceipts " posted up and at all times displayed in a conapiouous place in tho room or place where the sale of liquors ór boverages for which the tax was paid is carried on." Tiiat able Deinocrat and accomplished statesman, Senator Bayard, of Dolaware, don't stop to higgle over the deoision of tho Kloctoral Commissiou, - or disou8s whether Hayea ia a de jure or only a de facto President, but comes squarely to the front and indorses his ÏSouthcrn policy as follows : " I thauk Uod tor it. He hrw disposod of the oiily obsUicles that stood between the suft'ering South and the full enjoymeat of her Coustitutional hberties. He has not only carried out the Democratie policy, but he has carried the Republicana with him. I think that he has a cordial support of f ully 75 por cent of his party, many of whom were doubtf ui at the first but now see that the time was ripe for the full restoration of every Southern State to self-government under the Constitutiou. The history of the States amco the troops were removed is one of the very beat argumenta why Republicaus and Demociats should approve of Hayes' policy on this subject" And such an indorsement is worth more than all the half-heartod, timid, timu-serving resolutions 80 far adopted by Republican State oonventioas. TllAT proteotiou does n't protoct is sufficiently and couclusively provea by the following sontonco copied from a declaration of principies put forth by the " American Iron and Steel Association," with a view to the influencing of legislation in favor of protectivo duties: " The free trade theory, that ' the duties are added to the price and paid by the consumer,' may be generally truo as to articles not produced or manufactured in bis oountry ; but it is not true of articles that we can successfully manufacture at home, the effeot of high proteotive duties being to stimulate cornpetition and production, finally reducing the prioe by incroasing tho supply, as all experience has proved." The abBurdity of tho proposition is too nianirest to need pointing out. That proteotion which reduces tho price would be no proteotion, and would bu a new version of the fable about killing the hen that laid the golden egg. One Niles Q. Parker, an ex-State Troasuror of South Carolina, has made a clean breast of it, to a World interviewer, and away goes the fair reputations (?) of Senator Patterson, ex-Gov. Scott, ex-Gov. Chamberlain, ex-Gov. liosos, Cardoza, Kimpton, and a numbor of other South Carolina patriots. The details ho givos of tho " put-up jobs " to rob the troasury and people of South Carolina are astounding, and cannot fail to conviuce the general public that tho nest of speculating and blood-sucking officials was not cleaned out a day too soon. We have always feit an interest in Madagascar ever since our fellow citizen Col. J. F. Miller oomuienced an investigation as to its locality, - with a view of acuopting a consulahip theroto, and supplementing his official duties by the exportation of fruit therefrom to his nativo land, so we are glad to learn that Madagascar's Queen, in a prolamamation as luxurious as the vcgetation of hor tropical homo, has abolishod slavery. Hail to free Madagascar. PUR8UANT to a "revelation" John Taylor, senior apostle and acting president of the twelve, has been proclaimed Brigham Young'u successor, with John W. Young, Dniel H. Wells, and Geo. Q.JCannon as assistants. Tbe same convenient revolation suggests to the faithful : " Tho lust day being at hand all the saints aro cautioned to bo faithful in buildihg templos nnd paying tithings." Why build auy more temples if " tbe last day is at hand ? " - - -- -- - That Itepublican State Convention of Wiscousiu, held on the llth inst., was the very heaven of demagoguos. Witness tho following resolution : Resolved, That the Republban party ia in 'avor of uu appropiation by Congresa for the jurpose of assistiug, undcr suitable regulaïons, tho surplus laboriii; mau m the burger cities and unuiuo' diKtricta to settle 011 tho pubic lamia. Can anybody sound the dopths of ;his declaratiun, or calcúlate the width and dej)th the treasury vaults would needs bo to oarry out such a policy ? Wisconsin has need for a new lunatic asylum. The Now York Times is a Httlo doubtfal about the meaning of the Maino election. It seos no evidence " that tho onforoed exclusión of tho ' petty postmaster ' from politics his been aveugod, that Senator Bluine has ' sulkd in his tent ' to tho detriment of tho party, or that any wave - 'tidal' or otherwiso - is likoly to swcop over tho country this fall." It inclines to the opinión, howovor, that " the voice of Haine, if not very articúlate, uisy at least bo held to oonvey this meaning, that this is a year in whioh tho people of the United States are paying a good deal moro attention to the way in which the concerns of their own particular localities are managed than to developments of national policy which they do not as yet vory clearly undorstand, or to party profossions which aro altogother too hazy to bo appreciated." Decidedly nou-comiuittal, that. The bt. Louis Journal says that Eli l'erkins has rooeived this spiritual noto from iSapphira : " Dear Eli, if you had only lived 1,800 years ago I would never have married Annaniaa. The old man never did come up to my idea of perfection in his line." Which alinost convincos us that thore is something in spiritualism. We are at least sure that Sapphira (or somo other fellow) has a ievel head. Free Speech does n't atnount to shucks in the Republic of France. M. Gambetta, leader of the Itopublican party, has been fined two thousand francs and sentonced to an imprisonment of three inouths, for saying in a political8poech, "President MacMahon must subrnit to the decisión of the nation or resign." At THE recent oluotion in California a proposition to hold a constitutional convention was defeated.


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